What should pregnant women do if their amniotic fluid is low?

Can I have a normal delivery with low amniotic fluid? Answer: If you have low amniotic fluid, you can still have a vaginal trial of labor first, but you should be prepared for a cesarean section at any time. Amniotic fluid has a protective effect on both the fetus and the mother. During pregnancy, it can buffer the impact of external pressure on the fetus, prevent fetal adhesion, and avoid umbilical cord prolapse; during delivery, it can play the role of dilating the cervix and vagina, and lubricating the birth canal, making it easier for the fetus to Give birth. Many mothers have this doubt: If the amniotic fluid is low in the third trimester of pregnancy, can they only have a cesarean section? Not so! Vaginal trial delivery can also be carried out if the amniotic fluid is too low, but if the amniotic fluid is too low, there are certain risks in vaginal delivery, and the delivery needs to be closely monitored by a doctor. If the fetus cannot tolerate strong uterine contractions during delivery, a cesarean section needs to be performed immediately to end the delivery as soon as possible. In summary, vaginal trial delivery can still be performed with low amniotic fluid, but the risk is relatively greater. Once the fetus cannot tolerate severe uterine contractions, preparations need to be made for immediate cesarean section.

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