What should pregnant women do if their gums are swollen and painful?

What should pregnant women do if their gums are swollen and painful? Pregnancy is a special period. For the health of the fetus, mothers are not allowed to take medicine casually. However, gum swelling and pain are too painful. How to treat it? Next, let’s take a look at 4 ways to treat gum swelling and pain. What should I do if my baby\’s gums are swollen and painful? 1. What are the causes of swollen and painful gums in pregnant women? 1. Pregnancy gingivitis is due to the increase in estrogen caused by pregnancy. In this case, you can buy some mouthwash for pregnant women to gargle, or gargle with light salt water to relieve symptoms. 2. In general, as long as you rest on time and avoid staying up late to get angry, it will disappear naturally in a few days. 3. For pregnant women with acute pulpitis, it is best not to take medicine for the health of their children, but they can take some Chinese patent medicine after consulting a traditional Chinese medicine doctor. 4. In the case of tooth decay, if you have Sichuan peppercorns at home, you can put a piece of Sichuan peppercorns on the affected area and bite it, which will quickly relieve the pain. 2. What should pregnant women do if their gums are swollen and painful? 1. Properly adjust your diet. Most gum swelling and pain are caused by internal heat. Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to their diet. They should mainly eat light meals and add more fruits and vegetables every day. Foods that cause internal heat should be eaten in moderation, and foods that are too spicy, fatty or high in calories should be eaten with caution. In addition, you should have the habit of brushing your teeth on time in the morning and evening, and gargling after meals to ensure a clean mouth. 2. Rinse your mouth with light salt water. Rinse your mouth as soon as possible after each meal, and take a sip of light salt water. Hold it for five minutes before spitting it out. This can effectively relieve gum swelling and pain. Salty soy milk has the effect of cooling down and reducing internal heat, so mothers who often get internal heat can drink more. 3. Hydrogen peroxide sterilization and disinfection: Pregnant women\’s gum swelling and pain are often complicated by gingivitis and gum inflammation and hypertrophy. If there is still pus on the gums at this time, you can choose to rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide solution (the ratio of hydrogen peroxide and saline is 1:99), which can effectively reduce gum irritation, sterilize and clean the mouth. 4. Appropriate use of medication When pregnant, try not to take medication as much as possible. But if the condition is very serious, pregnant women still need to take some drugs under the guidance of a doctor to prevent the condition from affecting their life and the health of their fetus.

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