What should women pay attention to during pregnancy preparation and how to pay attention to scientific confinement?

Fellow practitioner asked: From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, how should women prepare for pregnancy, give birth and take care of themselves postpartum? Sir: Thank you for the invitation. This question is huge and will take a long time to write. 1. Seven for women and eight for men: The rhythm of life. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that women have a seven-year rhythm and men have an eight-year rhythm. To put it simply, the rhythm of human life development is just like the growth rings of a tree. Trees make a circle every year, human women make a circle every seven years, and men make a circle every eight years. This means that there will be significant sexual characteristics and physical cycles. sexual changes. A woman has the ability to have children when she is twenty-seven or seventy-four years old, but at this time, she is not suitable for sexual intercourse. Because it is believed in traditional Chinese medicine that if a woman \”breaks the yin too early, it will damage the blood vessels\”, and if a man \”breaks the yang too early, it will damage the essence\”. Nowadays, because human beings\’ lifestyle is too civilized, the rhythm of life is also divorced from the natural setting. There are many common phenomena of precocious puberty. This is called \”Tiangui arrives early\” in Chinese medicine. This is a very bad phenomenon. A person can only grow a few turns in his life. The number of turns is fixed. If the rhythm period becomes shorter, it means that the life span will be shortened. Not only will life span be shortened, but the quality of life will also be reduced. For a woman, at the age of thirty-seven or twenty-one, her kidney energy is at peace and her development is complete. This is the most beautiful time in her life. At the age of forty-seven and twenty-eight, his muscles and bones are strong, and his physical peak is also a watershed. When I was 47 years old, I felt very energetic, no matter what I did, I didn’t feel tired, and my hair was the most beautiful in my life. Therefore, it is often easy to rely on shoes that do not tie the feet, which will overdraw the body and cause the root cause of diseases in the future. After passing this circle, it starts to go downhill. 2. The best period for a woman to get pregnant: During this circle of 27, although Tiangui arrives, the Ren meridian is open and the Taichong meridian is strong, so you can have children. However, if you start having sex and give birth at this time, you will cause irreparable damage to your body, and the quality of the children you give birth to will not be too high. Because at this time, a woman\’s internal organs are not fully developed. After the age of 47 or 28, a woman\’s body begins to decline from its peak and goes downhill. At the age of 57, that is, at the age of thirty-five, the Yangming pulse weakens and the stomach qi begins to weaken. Stomach qi is weak and qi and blood cannot keep up. Nurturing a fetus depends entirely on Qi and blood. Therefore, it is not easy for older mothers to get pregnant. On the other hand, it is also easy for them to miscarry if they become pregnant. It can be seen that the best period for women to have children is the eight years between the ages of twenty and twenty-eight. There is a saying in ancient times that a woman gets married when she is twenty. During these eight years, it is best to complete the birth of the first child. On the one hand, your body is in peak condition, and childbirth will not bring great damage or burden to your body. On the other hand, the quality of the children you give birth to is relatively high. A mother who is in good health will give birth to a baby who is in good health, and a mother who is in poor health will give birth to a weak baby. This is a very simple truth. 3. Reserve Qi and blood needed for childbirth. The best time for childbirth has been decided. The next step is naturally to formulate a plan and how to implement it. The Art of War says that before the troops and horses move, food and grass go first. Whatever you do requires the support of a material foundation. The material basis required for childbirth is female qi and blood. According to traditional Chinese medicine, men control the essence and women control the blood. maleIf a child cannot have children, it is called infertility. A woman who cannot get pregnant is called infertile. Taken together, it is now very common infertility. How does Chinese medicine view infertility? There are three types of men and three types of women who have difficulty conceiving and bearing children. Men with cold and slippery sperm, excessive sexual desire and exhaustion, and men who shrink from enemies are prone to infertility. Women who are sexually attracted to things, have a weak and cold uterus that hides the door and cannot open the door, and those who are jealous and angry due to disharmony between husband and wife are prone to infertility. To sum up, if a man’s sperm is not strong, he will be prone to infertility. Women whose blood is not honest are prone to infertility. Infertility caused by uterine cold is currently the most important reason. And dysmenorrhea, most of the time, is a sign of uterine cold. There are too many girls suffering from dysmenorrhea now. How to solve the problem of infertility. The general idea given by traditional Chinese medicine is that men should recharge their batteries. Women should nourish their blood and strengthen their foundation. A woman\’s two meridians, Ren and Chong, which are responsible for reproduction, both originate from the uterus, that is, the uterus. Therefore, some women do not pay attention to these and casually engage in abortions or the like. This is a step-by-step process of cutting off their own roots. Frequent abortions can lead to infertility, this is the reason. The uterus is the root of a woman\’s roots. Not only does reproduction depend on it, but her appearance, life span, and breast health also depend on it. To consolidate the foundation and cultivate the vitality, on the one hand, kidney qi must be nourished, and on the other hand, the uterus must be nourished. 4. How women can regulate their Qi and blood to avoid cold and warm up: Pay attention to food, clothing, housing and transportation. The clothes he wore were not covering the body, and the cold air and evil winds were rushing into the body. It was difficult to avoid the cold in the uterus. Consuming raw and cold foods, cold drinks, ice cream, a lot of fruits, beer drinks, etc. A large amount of these foods is also a major cause of uterine cold. In terms of residence, do not live in a north-facing house with no lighting. The female body is inherently yin. If you often do not get sunlight and the bedroom is too yin-cold, your body will definitely become very cold. Okay, don’t run around. Today you will be in Northeast China, and tomorrow you will be in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. If you frequently switch between overcold and overheated environments, the body’s qi and yin and yang will be disordered, and the essence will be easily released and unable to be contained. I saved up some good stuff but missed it all. Be sure to keep warm, warm, warm. Some girls\’ hands are as cold as ice bricks, and the coldness can reach their elbows along the way. With such a physique, it is really difficult to spoil a child. Even if you become pregnant, it is easy to miscarry. During menstruation, you should pay attention to keep warm. When it is cloudy and rainy, you should pay attention to keep warm. When you sweat during exercise, you should not immediately blow off the air and take off your clothes. Instead, you should use a dry towel to wipe off the sweat first. If you must go swimming, remember to take a hot shower afterward to drain the coldness from your body. These must be noted. If you catch cold for a long time, it will cause the Mingmen Fire to weaken. In that case, it will be more difficult to light up the Mingmen Fire again. Reconciling the spleen and stomach: The spleen and stomach are the foundation of blood. If the spleen and stomach are out of harmony, people will easily become deficient in both qi and blood. Pay attention, don’t skip the staple food, don’t skip the staple food, don’t skip the staple food. Don’t eat random snacks and junk food. Appropriate exercise makes the spleen\’s transport brigade move into action. Don\’t exercise excessively, otherwise the spleen, the transport team, will transport all the essence you have taken in out of your body, leaving you unable to save it.Qi and blood caused the balance to be tight all the time. If you are a very fat person, it is a different matter. Obesity is a morbid constitution. The garbage is pushed into the body and the transportation system is paralyzed. Therefore, the spleen, the transportation brigade, must be awakened. Eating and drinking in moderation not only means eating in the right places, but also not overeating. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the most reasonable meal times are 7-9 a.m., 11-13 p.m., and 5-7 p.m. If I eat strictly according to this meal time, my bowel movements are basically very regular, usually between 5 and 7 o\’clock in the morning. The main reason why many people have difficulty defecating is due to irregular diet. Happy body and mind: A person who is often moody and cannot manage his emotions well will definitely have disordered Qi. If the Qi is not harmonious, the blood must also be unsatisfactory. All kinds of congestion and congestion are coming. After the blockage occurs, the disorder of qi and blood becomes aggravated, and then the blockage becomes further. Vicious cycle. If you are still so moody before preparing for pregnancy, you are not very optimistic about whether you will be able to conceive a healthy baby. Nourishing yin and nourishing blood: The best yin nourishing medicine in the world is deep sleep. Women often sleep deeply, which will benefit them all without any loss. Even the previous losses can be replenished through deep sleep. Everything else is going well, including food, clothing, housing, and transportation. However, if the quality of sleep is not good, the nutrients taken in will not be stored efficiently. Can\’t save money. Moreover, the quality of sleep is poor, the yin and yang qi are also confused, and the qi and blood are not harmonious, which is not suitable for giving birth. 5. Who has the final say about whether a boy or a girl will be born? The ancients believed that if yin wraps yang, a girl will be born, and if yang wraps yin, a boy will be born. The yin blood arrives first, the yang essence rushes later, the blood opens and wraps the essence, the essence enters into the bones, and the male is formed. The yang essence enters first, the yin blood joins later, the essence opens and wraps the blood, the blood enters the body, and the female is formed. This is a relatively difficult technology. The ancients believed that the birth of a boy or girl was related to the cooperation, vitality and emotions of the couple. Speaking of this, it is easier to spread too far and not expand. If you are interested, you can ponder the above paragraph for yourself. The basic operation essentials are like this. 6. Three Deficiencies and Six Avoidances: Not having sexual intercourse. The \”Three Deficiencies\” are divided into year deficiency, moon deficiency and sun deficiency. The key point is to maintain health throughout the year by following the changing laws of solar terms and heaven and earth. Nianxu refers to the two days of winter solstice and summer solstice. The waning moon refers to the days before and after the first quarter moon and the last quarter moon. Sun deficiency refers to the situation of darkness, wind and rain in the heaven and earth, such as solar or lunar eclipse, lightning and thunder and other bad weather. If you conceive during the period of three deficiencies, the qi of heaven and earth at that time will be in a relatively unstable state. Children conceived at this time will be prone to all kinds of strange congenital deficiencies. Six taboos: Do not have sex when your horoscope is in direct conflict, do not have sex after drinking, do not have sex if you are angry, do not have sex if you are afraid, do not have sex when you are sick, and do not have sex if you have any taboos on the day. In addition, the ancients believed that there is no harmony under the sun, moon and stars. That is to say, the quality of the child born through wild fertilization will not be guaranteed, and the person will be prone to external diseases. When preparing for pregnancy, the ancients still attached great importance to the three deficiencies and six taboos. It’s just that modern people don’t understand this anymore. 7. Men and women are happy, and yin and yang communicate with each other. The ancients said: \”A man and a woman are in love, and they have spiritual intercourse with each other, and then they act. Then the yin and yang are harmonious, and the essence and blood are coagulated. This is the way to have children. If the man\’s love has come, but the woman\’s love has not yet moved, The result is premature ejaculation,It\’s called Guyang. When the female\’s love has arrived but the male\’s love has not yet moved, then the female\’s love has passed, which is called the lack of yin. If there is a lonely yang and a low yin, it means that there is no success. For example, widowers and widowers are said to be infertile. \”When people are happy, they have more yang energy, and when they are depressed, they have more yin energy. People with more yang are more angry, and people with more yin are more murderous. The energy of life and murder is the organ that breeds virtuous and foolish people. Keywords: emotion, divine friendship, tacit understanding. This rank It’s also very high, just explore on your own. The basics are like this. Many couples, in order to prepare for pregnancy, put a lot of psychological pressure on themselves. The more they want to conceive, the less they can get pregnant. Why. This passage gives a good explanation : It’s not that the material foundation is not good, nor is it infertility, but that there is no emotion, no spiritual connection, and insufficient tacit understanding. In other words, don’t treat pregnancy as a task to complete. Instead, you must have passion and lingering. Forget it. The stressful task of pregnancy makes it easier to get pregnant. 8. Physical and emotional care during pregnancy. Many women have their first child. And as an only child, I have been favored by my parents since I was a child, and it has always seemed like I have never grown up. , psychologically, I am not fully prepared to be a mother. After becoming pregnant with a child, both physical and emotional aspects will be affected by pregnancy reactions. The general principle for the body is to provide adequate nutrition. .Don’t starve the fetus in the womb. The fetus relies on the umbilical cord to absorb the mother’s blood. Therefore, the mother must have sufficient nutritional supplies at this time. In the past, one person ate, but now two people eat. Where does the blood come from? , comes from the spleen and stomach transforming the essence of water and grain into qi. Nowadays, people will definitely not have any hungry families who cannot eat enough. Therefore, the remaining thing is to eat the most nutritious and replenish qi and blood, especially Blood. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the general principle of dietary therapy or dietary supplements is that \”poisons attack evil spirits, five grains are nourishing, five fruits are aids, five animals are beneficial, and five vegetables are filling. The smell is combined and taken to replenish essence and qi.\” \”Once again, you must eat staple food, you must eat staple food, you must eat staple food. Grain is the protagonist, meat, vegetables, and fruits are just supporting roles. And nourishing emotions is to make the qi and blood more harmonious. If you cherish If the baby cannot manage his emotions well, often loses his temper, and is moody, then if the Qi is disrupted, the blood will also be disrupted. If the blood is disrupted, the fetus\’s supplies will also be disrupted. This will seriously affect the development of the baby. . It may even lead to miscarriage. During this period, follow the hospital’s instructions, take folic acid, take pregnancy tests, etc. to avoid deformed babies. In this regard, follow the hospital’s arrangements, so I won’t go into details here. In addition, pregnant women are not allowed Do you have any bad habits? Smoking, drinking, sitting for half a day playing mahjong, etc., and some more strenuous entertainment and sports activities are not suitable. 9. Whether to give birth by caesarean section or by normal delivery. Before delivery, whether by caesarean section or by normal delivery, this is a big question. Ordinary women, I am more afraid of pain, and tend to have a caesarean section under general anesthesia. In fact, caesarean section does not hurt at the time, but the recovery period after giving birth is very scary. There is a big cut on the stomach, and the doctor comes to press the belly every day to drain the lochia and blood. Come out. The slap-sized gash on the stomach has just been cut and has not yet healed, so a big man comes over and presses on the stomach every day. Just thinking about it makes my scalp numb. A caesarean section is just to avoid the temporary pain of childbirth., long-term pain in the back after replacement. It\’s going to hurt anyway, and there\’s no one-and-done option that won\’t hurt at all. In addition, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, any pulse on the abdomen will be severed with a knife. This is also the reason why many women who have had a caesarean section have insufficient milk secretion. But Western medicine doesn’t understand these principles. Mothers who are willing to choose caesarean section naturally cannot understand these knowledge. If the Ren and Chong meridians are broken, most of the Qi and blood circulating upward from the Ren and Chong meridians originating from the uterus will also be cut off. So there will be insufficient milk supply. Whether it\’s normal or by cesarean section, just follow the hospital\’s arrangements. Some hospitals have indicators. If you don\’t meet the criteria for a caesarean section, they will do it for you even if you want one. I want to tell mothers about this, there is a saying called delayed gratification. Why do some people do everything in a mess? It\’s because they try to make themselves comfortable in the moment and push off troubles later. In this way, they accumulate more and more burdens, and they are so stressed that they can\’t fly forward in life. The same is true when giving birth. The surgery is done under general anesthesia and does not hurt. It just postpones the pain until later. After a caesarean section, pressing on the stomach hurts more than giving birth. Moreover, when you press your stomach, you will not be given anesthesia, and you will have to press it for many days. According to traditional Chinese medicine, caesarean section is not recommended. Unless the baby is macrosomic, dystocia, etc., a caesarean section can save lives, in which case a caesarean section is necessary. 10. How to Confinement Confinement If the in-laws or parents help with confinement care, the most common problem is family disputes and disharmony, which can lead to postpartum depression. This is quite tricky. If you choose an elder in your family to give you confinement, you must be mentally prepared and make arrangements for what may happen in advance. The husband plays a key role in solving this problem. If the husband fails to act or handles the dispute improperly, it will directly intensify the contradiction and conflict, which will lead to the wife\’s postpartum depression. Please give birth to a confinement nanny. It is not easy to hire a good confinement nanny nowadays. It feels like it just depends on luck. Most confinement nannies are just lazy. They do as little as they can and don\’t do as much as they can. Also, they are unprofessional and the food they cook is unpalatable. I don’t know much about taking care of a baby. Make some milk powder and it will be lumpy inside. You must also be mentally prepared for this. It is not a one-and-done solution. If you encounter something inappropriate, you must resolutely replace it immediately. It is good for the mother and the baby. There must be no appeasement or compromise. If you\’re lucky, it might be less hassle. Some mothers and confinement sisters can\’t get along, and their anger can lead to postpartum depression. Confinement center. The biggest feature of this place is that it is expensive. The cost is several times that of hiring a confinement nanny. The service is quite enthusiastic, but the professionalism is just that. The nanny inside takes care of the child. One is feeding the child with milk powder, and the other is wearing a lot of clothes for the child. The heater is still on in winter. It is very easy for eczema to occur due to the humidity and heat. If it is summer, because the air conditioner is on and there are many babies in a large room, if one catches a cold, soon, dozens of babies will be cross-infected. Confinement centers basically do not understand the medical principles of traditional Chinese medicine when it comes to infant care. Beware of postpartum depression, the husband has a huge responsibility. It is best for the husband to learn some medical science and understand some knowledge and methods of emotional communication in traditional Chinese medicine. eleven, The way of raising babies in traditional Chinese medicine The way of raising babies is nothing more than ensuring that the baby develops well and does not get sick. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the internal organs of infants and young children are different from those of adults. Their characteristic is that three are deficient and two are more than adequate. The heart and liver are often in excess, while the lungs, spleen and kidneys are often deficient. The difference between babies and adults is that they don’t suffer from emotional internal injuries. Therefore, illnesses in infants and young children are either congenital or caused by external factors. Congenital cases are relatively rare, and most children have external deficiencies and evil spirits. The spleen and stomach must be strengthened to resist external deficiencies and evil spirits. Children with weak spleen and stomach will catch a cold when the wind blows. After being cured, they will catch a cold again after a while. Liver excess is reflected in the fact that infants and young children are very afraid of wind. Not afraid of the cold, just afraid of the wind. Many parents don\’t understand and like to blow fans and air conditioners on their children. The blowing makes them catch colds and fevers, which then evolve into bronchitis and pneumonia. In other cases, the liver wind blows out and causes internal movement, the mouth and eyes are crooked, and the limbs twitch. When the illness appeared, he was so frightened that he didn\’t know what to do. He went everywhere to seek medical advice, and the whole family was frightened. The root cause is that the wind blows too much. Remember, remember, babies and young children are all pure Yang bodies. They are not afraid of cold, but afraid of wind. Infants and young children have purely yang bodies, and sweating is very normal. It\’s not normal if you don\’t sweat. So when you see your child sweating, don’t give him an air conditioner or a fan. Remember this, and you’ll avoid at least half of his illnesses. The correct way is to take a pure cotton towel and wipe it clean. During the hottest days of summer, don’t turn the air conditioner too low. Twenty-five degrees is about right. If it is too low, the child will easily get sick. If you want your children to be safe, you need to be hungry and cold. Some elderly people who take care of their children, and some inexperienced mothers who take care of their children, like to wrap their children in three layers inside and three outside for fear of freezing them. In fact, this is very troublesome. The children are fine originally. Fortunately, after doing this, I started sweating and my chest was wide open. Then I took off my clothes and felt the wind and cold. Another time, in the circle of friends, I saw a video posted by a friend. His grandmother used a spoon to feed a pair of twin babies a large iced watermelon, and they ate a lot in one bite. I thought at that time, something bad was going to happen. Sure enough, the next day, both babies had high fevers. They refused to retreat for many days, and the whole family was terrified. A child\’s spleen and stomach are very weak. On the one hand, you are not allowed to accumulate food, and on the other hand, you are also not allowed to eat something as terrifyingly cold as a large iced watermelon. The last sentence: As a child, not knowing medical treatment is called unfilial; as a parent, not knowing medical treatment is called unkind. Raising children is really a worry. When he gets sick, the whole family is scared to death. Then I thought of the six-year-old child. Because of internal liver wind, her mother went to the doctor everywhere. After treatment for a long time, she didn\’t get better. She felt like she had no soul all day long. To raise children, you need to understand some medical knowledge. Recommended TCM books: \”Huangdi Neijing\” and \”Infant Care Secrets\”. What preparations do men need to make to prepare for pregnancy? ([Sir, are all fruits raw or cold? Are there any that are less cold?] It would be much better if you blanch them in boiling water before eating.) (TCM does not talk about allergies. Most allergies commonly referred to are cold. Caused by the air of external objects, which brought out the cold air. On the surface, it seemed to be a response to something.Western allergies are actually caused by cold air or other evil spirits in the body. ) For more top insider information, please add the teacher on WeChat: 602983602 [Join the group to learn tips on not getting sick and making your children successful] Warm reminder: (When adding friends, please indicate: Join the group) PS1, this group only adds people who agree with orthodox Chinese medicine health care and Chinese studies Comrades in education and traditional culture, otherwise please don’t disturb us! PS2. There are many people adding WeChat, so there will be a delay in passing friend verification. Please wait patiently. I wish you health and happiness!

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