What should you eat during pregnancy to make your baby smart and beautiful?

After pregnancy, many parents hope to give birth to a baby with big eyes. The eyes will be big and bright, and they will look particularly cute and lovable. For this reason, they will listen to some rumors from the older generation and then increase their dietary intake to realize their wishes. One of the most common rumors is that \”children who eat more grapes will have big eyes.\” \”If you eat more grapes, your baby will have big eyes\”? Pregnant women ate grapes crazily during pregnancy. After the baby was born, they suspected that Dingma was holding the wrong baby. I also heard this rumor during pregnancy because Dingdong’s father’s eyes were very small and Dingma’s eyes were not big. She was worried about giving birth to a baby with small eyes, so she ate as much as she could. I started eating grapes when I was three months pregnant. I ate at least one bunch every day for about four months. My prenatal checkup revealed that my blood sugar was a little high. The doctor asked me to control my sugar intake, so I stopped eating grapes. Later, when the child was born, Ding Ma immediately asked the doctor whether the child\’s eyes were big. The doctor said: \”The baby\’s eyes are very big, much bigger than his parents. If you weren\’t the only mother in the delivery room, I would have suspected that I had the wrong baby!\” However, there are also many pregnant women who eat a lot of grapes during pregnancy and gain weight. Quite a few, but the child\’s eyes are still two small after birth. For example, Sister Sun and her husband have very small eyes, and they also ate a lot of grapes during pregnancy, but the child\’s eyes are not big, and are smaller than those of Sister Sun and his wife. Now that the child is 6 years old, the eyes have not changed much. Therefore, the rumor that \”children who eat more grapes will have big eyes\” is not accurate! The size of the baby\’s eyes is mainly related to the genetics of the parents. Generally speaking, big eyes belong to dominant inheritance, while small eyes belong to recessive inheritance. If one parent has big eyes, the probability of the baby having big eyes in the future is very high; similarly, if both parents have small eyes, then the baby will have big eyes. The odds are very low. But there are other factors, such as diet during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the fetus obtains nutrients from the mother\’s body. If the pregnant woman can eat some foods that are helpful for vision development, then the baby\’s eyes will be bright and lively. Even if they are not big, they will be particularly energetic, full of energy, and particularly cute! Eating these four foods regularly during pregnancy will make the eyes of the fetus bright and beautiful. Pregnant women can try 1. Foods rich in vitamins. Vitamins are very important for the human body! Vitamin A can promote the growth of human cells and the development of the eyes. Without vitamin A, the eyes will have reduced night vision and may become dry and uncomfortable over time. Vitamin B1 can improve the development of the eye nervous system. Vitamin C can enhance immunity and make the eyes of the fetus healthier. It can be said that these vitamins can all help vision development, making your baby’s eyes brighter and healthier! Pregnant women can adjust their diet plan to obtain the various nutrients they need from food: foods rich in vitamin A: animal liver, carrots, leeks, spinach, egg yolks, etc. Foods rich in vitamin B1: wheat, fish, meat, etc. Foods rich in vitamin C: A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. 2. DHA-rich foods After pregnancy, pregnant women should eat more DHA-rich foods. This kind of DHA is not only beneficial to fetal brain development, but also promotes the sound development of fetal vision. At 7-9 months of pregnancy, if a pregnant womanLack of DHA may cause blurred vision or even blindness in the fetus, so you must pay attention to supplementing DHA during pregnancy. DHA can be obtained specifically from fresh fish products! It is recommended that pregnant women eat fish 1-2 times a week. It is best to cook it with fresh fish and never eat canned fish. Pregnant women can also eat some nut foods such as walnuts and peanuts, which can also supplement the appropriate amount of DHA and promote fetal growth. vision development. 3. Calcium-rich foods After pregnancy, as the fetus develops, the demand for calcium increases. Pregnant women need to supplement sufficient calcium. Otherwise, it will not only affect the fetal bone development and be detrimental to the health of the fetus, but also cause fetal eyeballs. Increased pressure can cause the fetus to develop myopia, which is not conducive to vision development. After pregnancy, pregnant women need to supplement an appropriate amount of calcium every day. If the calcium deficiency is serious, they can supplement calcium tablets as required by the doctor; if the calcium deficiency is not serious, they can supplement it through diet. For example, eating some soy products, milk, dried shrimps, etc., and getting some sun exposure can help calcium absorption. 4. In addition to the above-mentioned nutrients, foods rich in anthocyanins also have a substance that can protect fetal vision and allow the healthy development of fetal eyes. This substance is anthocyanin. It is said that the famous doctor Li Shizhen suffered from eye disease when he was young. He often felt that his eyes were dry and he could not see clearly. Later, he discovered a blue berry in Tartar, that is, blueberry. Long-term consumption can relieve the dry eyes and unable to see clearly. For this reason, Li Shizhen often ate blueberries and was still able to hear and see well in her old age. As for the reason why blueberries can improve eyesight, it is because blueberries contain a substance called anthocyanins. This substance is a powerful antioxidant that can not only enhance blood vessel elasticity, improve the circulatory system, increase skin smoothness, improve joint flexibility, and enhance human immunity, but can also promote retinal cell regeneration, prevent myopia, and improve vision. Make the fetal eyes brighter and better looking. Therefore, if you want your fetus to have good vision and promote healthy eye development, you can eat some foods rich in anthocyanins during pregnancy, such as blueberries, purple grapes, purple potatoes, etc. However, you need to pay attention when eating, as anthocyanins are mainly found in Purple food, so try to eat grapes with the skin on. Although these foods are helpful for the development of fetal vision and can make the baby\’s eyes bright and beautiful, pregnant women still need to eat a balanced diet. They cannot only eat these foods that are beneficial to the development of fetal vision. They must also eat other foods. Only with balanced nutrition can they be able to Meet the fetus’s needs for various nutrients, allowing the fetus to develop healthier and smarter!

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