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What tests should be done to welcome the arrival of a baby?

In order to achieve eugenics, we generally recommend a pre-pregnancy (eugenic) examination before pregnancy.

In addition to general physical examination, eugenics examination items also include routine blood and urine examinations, hepatitis B surface antigen, cervical smear examination and detection of some special pathogens. Where possible, chromosome testing should also be conducted to avoid hereditary diseases.

If men are exposed to radiation, chemicals, pesticides or high-temperature operations, etc., which may affect reproductive cells, a semen test should be performed; if a man is suspected of having a sexually transmitted disease or has had a sexually transmitted disease, he should undergo a sexually transmitted disease test to facilitate detection. Abnormal timely treatment allows both parties to plan pregnancy in optimal health.

Viruses are harmful microorganisms that coexist with humans on the earth. There are many types, and large-scale epidemics occur from time to time, causing huge losses to humans! In view of the fact that some viruses can cause harm to women and babies, eugenics experts recommend that sisters do a viral antibody test before pregnancy, which is the so-calledFive Eugenics Tests, the English abbreviation of TORCH.

◎ Toxoplasma

◎ Other coxsackie viruses, chlamydia, etc. (Other)

◎ Rubella Virus

◎ Cytomegalo Virus

◎ Herpes Simplex Virus

Combine the first English letters of these five viruses Get up, it’s TORCH.

Among the wide variety of virus groups, why do experts specifically propose to check these viruses represented by TORCH? The reason is that these viruses are very deceptive. After the mother is infected with these viruses, she will not feel any discomfort and will not show special symptoms. This will make everyone mistakenly think that she is in a complete epidemic. It is easy to get pregnant under normal conditions. However, once pregnant, these latent viruses are extremely harmful to the fetus: in the early pregnancy, it is easy to cause miscarriage and fetal arrest; in the late pregnancy, it is easy to cause miscarriage or fetal congenital defects and developmental abnormalities.

◎ Toxoplasma gondii can cause brain calcification and cerebellar hydrocephalus;

◎ Rubella virus can cause cataracts and heart malformations;

◎ Cytomegalovirus can cause Microcephaly and intracerebral calcification;

◎ Herpes simplex virus can cause keratoconjunctivitis and skin blisters;

◎ These infectionsAmong infections, cytomegalovirus infection is the most common and most harmful.

The reason why the TORCH examination is called the \”five items of eugenics\” shows that the examination is closely related to the quality of the fetus, so the examination should be arranged before pregnancy. If problems are detected before pregnancy, we have ample time to make adjustments. If the problem is detected after pregnancy, it will put you, your family and the doctor in a dilemma. Whether to keep or give up is a very painful decision.

This article is provided by Baidu Reading and is excerpted from \”Pregnancy Can Be Simple\” Author: Feifei Mom

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