What to do if pregnant women have high blood sugar

Hyperglycemia in pregnant women means that their blood sugar levels exceed the normal range during pregnancy. This condition is called gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a common pregnancy complication. If not treated promptly and effectively, it will seriously affect the health of the mother and fetus. Let’s take a look at the causes and treatments for high blood sugar in pregnant women. Causes of Gestational Diabetes The main reason for high blood sugar in pregnant women is that the body\’s demand for insulin increases during pregnancy, and the secretion of insulin cannot adapt to the demand. In addition, pregnant women are prone to insulin resistance during pregnancy, leading to elevated blood sugar. Pregnant women are at higher risk of developing gestational diabetes if they have a family history or are overweight. Treatment methods for gestational diabetes High blood sugar in pregnant women can be treated by the following methods: (1) Diet adjustment: Pregnant women should avoid foods high in sugar, high fat, and high cholesterol, and eat more fiber-rich vegetables, fruits, and whole grain foods. Pregnant women should also control the total calories in their diet to ensure that they do not consume too many calories every day. (2) Exercise: Appropriate exercise can help pregnant women lower blood sugar levels. Pregnant women should choose appropriate exercise methods and intensity, such as walking, yoga, swimming, etc. (3) Insulin treatment: If diet modification and exercise cannot control blood sugar, doctors may recommend pregnant women to use insulin treatment. Pregnant women need to use insulin under the guidance of a doctor. Prevention of gestational diabetes Pregnant women can take the following measures to prevent gestational diabetes: (1) Maintain a healthy weight: Pregnant women should try to control their weight before pregnancy and avoid being overweight. (2) Regular diet: Pregnant women should pay attention to the balance and regularity of their diet and avoid overeating and overeating. (3) Moderate exercise: Pregnant women can choose moderate exercise, such as walking, yoga, swimming, etc. (4) Regular check-ups: Pregnant women should have regular blood sugar checks to detect early symptoms of gestational diabetes in a timely manner. [The most complete and best sound quality in history] 32 sets of 100 must-listen late-pregnancy music for prenatal education for free. In short, pregnant women with high blood sugar need to be diagnosed and treated in time to avoid adverse effects on the health of mothers and babies. Pregnant women should pay attention to diet, exercise and regular check-ups to prevent the occurrence of gestational diabetes.

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