What to do if your baby has a bloated stomach and expels gas quickly

What should I do if my baby\’s stomach is bloated? Flatulence in newborns is very common, so mothers should not be impatient and treat it calmly. It is not a disease and generally does not require medical treatment. It is more about finding ways to relieve the baby\’s discomfort and paying attention to prevention. What are the causes of flatulence? 1. Improper feeding posture, leading to swallowing too much air 2. Overfeeding, indigestion 3. Neonatal intestinal underdevelopment and poor gastrointestinal motility. If the baby does not suffer from repeated vomiting, inability to pass stool, and poor mental state, Mothers can help their babies relieve themselves at home. 1. Let the baby lie on his back on the bed. The mother gently picks up the baby\’s feet and kicks them like a bicycle until the baby farts. However, it should be noted that this method is best performed one hour after feeding to prevent the baby from spitting up milk. 2. Lay the baby flat on the bed. The mother puts her hands into the baby\’s clothes and gently massages the baby\’s belly in a clockwise direction. Doing this can help your baby relieve bloating, and can also distract your baby from crying. 3. Remember to burp the baby every time after drinking milk. Let the baby lie with its head on the mother\’s shoulder and pat the back gently until the baby burps.

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