What to eat during pregnancy is good for your baby’s brain development

First of all, congratulations on becoming a mother. During pregnancy, diet is critical to your baby\’s physical and brain development. Some studies have shown that proper nutritional intake can improve your baby\’s intellectual quality and smooth brain development. Let’s take a look at which foods can promote healthy brain development in babies. Fish rich in DHA: DHA is an essential Omega-3 fatty acid that can promote the generation, differentiation and protection of brain cells, and can also prevent postpartum depression. Therefore, you should try to eat as much DHA-rich fish as possible during pregnancy, such as salmon, saury, etc. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! Lean meat: Red meats such as beef and mutton contain essential iron in the body. Pregnant women with iron deficiency are prone to anemia, which is detrimental to fetal brain development. Therefore, pregnant women should eat these lean meats appropriately, but at the same time, they should also control their fat intake. High-quality protein foods: The demand for protein increases during pregnancy, so you should start paying attention to a balanced diet during pregnancy preparation. The content of animal protein is relatively high, and you should consume about 100g a day. It is a combination of meat and vegetables, and you give priority to foods with high quality ingredients and almost no saturated fatty acids, such as soy products, fish, poultry, and eggs. Fruits and vegetables: The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants contained in fruits and vegetables can significantly promote the development of the baby\’s brain. In addition, they can also help control weight during pregnancy and prevent constipation. Nuts and seeds: Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and peanuts are rich in copper, zinc, magnesium, calcium and other elements needed by the body and dietary fiber, which can help maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels in mothers. Of course, during pregnancy, you should also avoid excessive intake of foods containing sugar, salt and bad fats, such as candies, pickled foods, fried chicken and other fast food, as these foods may have adverse effects on the brain development of the fetus. In summary, eating a thoughtfully balanced diet during pregnancy will help protect the mental and physical health of you and your baby. If you are unsure about your daily diet or have special needs, it is recommended that you consult a doctor or professional nutritionist.

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