What to pay attention to during early pregnancy

Many expectant mothers learn that they are pregnant because of delayed menstruation and two bars on the early pregnancy test paper. So what are the specific early symptoms of early pregnancy and what should be paid attention to in early pregnancy? Let’s talk about this topic today. 1. Initial symptoms 1. Stop of menstruation. Stop of menstruation is the most direct and important symptom. Generally speaking, it is normal for menstruation to be 5 days early or 7 days late. If it is more than 10 days or more, there is a high chance that you are pregnant. But what needs to be explained here is that delayed menstruation does not necessarily mean pregnancy. Mental stress, increased pressure or emotional ups and downs, etc., can cause delayed menstruation. If you find that your period is delayed, you can use a pregnancy test strip to test. 2. Breast changes. Generally speaking, the breasts will feel slightly swollen during the normal menstrual period, but usually this bloating will gradually disappear on the second or third day of the menstrual period. But if you are pregnant, you will find that your breasts will feel very sensitive, swollen, and sore, and this feeling will usually last for a long time. In the early stages of pregnancy, the breasts also enlarge and feel heavier. Physically, you will feel much fuller, and there will often be direct soreness and swelling from the armpits to the areola. Of course, the color of the areola will also become darker, and the areola will become much larger than before pregnancy. Therefore, if you find that your breasts have become noticeably sensitive and swollen, this is a sign of pregnancy. 3. Lethargy Another symptom of early pregnancy is that you are more likely to get tired. You may have slept for a long time at night and the sleep quality is good, but at noon or afternoon you find that you are too tired to open your eyes. And many times I might lie down on the sofa to rest, and end up falling asleep all afternoon unexpectedly. Don’t worry if this happens, it’s likely that the baby is coming. 4. Morning sickness usually occurs around the 10th week of pregnancy, with nausea and vomiting symptoms. It is possible to have a strong urge to vomit when you wake up in the morning. This is the most common form of morning sickness. Some sisters may feel nauseous in the afternoon, and of course some may feel uncomfortable throughout the day. These are all possible situations, and they vary from person to person. At this time, you can adopt the method of eating less and more frequently, reducing the amount of food eaten in a single time, increasing the number of meals per day, and eating more fruits and vegetables at the same time. You can also smell fruits or plants with a light taste when you feel nauseated. You can smell oranges or lemons, or you can smell edible mint. What should be emphasized here is that the smell must be food. It cannot be air freshener or perfume. Strong floral scents are generally not recommended as they may have the opposite effect. [Latest Fourth Edition] Read the full text of the Pregnancy Bible with ultra-clear scan PDF download 108M5. Frequent Urination In the early stages of pregnancy, the expanding uterus will begin to put pressure on the bladder. At this time, the expectant mother is more likely to feel frequent urination than usual, but After 12-15 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus will slowly extend beyond the pelvic cavity and the pressure on the bladder will weaken. 6. Dizziness and lowered resistance. In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers willI noticed that my body temperature was slightly higher than usual. This is indeed an obvious sign of early pregnancy. At the same time, due to implantation, the resistance may be relatively low, and symptoms such as colds may be more likely to occur. If you have discovered that you are pregnant but accidentally catch a cold, don’t be too nervous. You can ask your doctor and take some Chinese patent medicines, such as isatis root, antiviral granules, compound wormwood, etc. It needs to be emphasized that you must take it according to the doctor’s instructions. . 7. Sensitivity to smells and changes in taste. Generally speaking, after pregnancy, your nose suddenly becomes more sensitive and you can smell a lot of smells that you can’t usually smell. However, these smells are likely to make you feel uncomfortable and disgusted. Vomiting, this is caused by the surge of estrogen in the body. Of course there may also be big changes in diet. For example, if you want to eat something you didn\’t like before, you will want to eat it all the time now, or you won\’t like something you liked before. This is normal. Of course, after pregnancy, you will get hungry more easily, and you will suddenly want to eat a certain food. At this time, the father-to-be can only work hard and prepare the snacks that the mother-to-be wants to eat quickly. What must be said here is that you can eat cold and spicy food, and the food taste does not need to be too light. Just keep your original living habits, but give up raw food, especially meat such as sashimi, for the time being. You can also eat cold drinks such as ice cream and small amounts. After all, eating a little can keep you in a good mood. But no matter what you eat, you must pay attention to the amount. 8. Constipation will trouble expectant mothers for a long time. Constipation can be caused by various reasons such as the expansion and compression of the uterus, slowed intestinal peristalsis, etc. Don\’t panic when you encounter constipation. You can\’t say that you can\’t poop out and try to force yourself. This is not an advisable method. Expectant mothers can drink more yogurt, take in more probiotics, eat more red dragon fruit, or eat more prunes, which can relieve constipation. Of course, it is also important to maintain a good lifestyle. 9. Emotional When you suddenly find that your body has undergone so many changes, coupled with the sudden increase in hormones, expectant mothers will feel more emotional than before. It is natural for expectant mothers to feel mixed emotions. Whether they feel surprised, melancholy, happy or sad, whether they laugh or cry, these are all natural manifestations of their complex emotions. The father-to-be must remember to pay more attention to her at this time. After all, she was a little girl who didn\’t know much about the world before she became a mother. 10. Gaining weight and gaining weight are inevitable, especially in the breasts, belly, and buttocks. Of course, as the pregnancy progresses, the entire body shape will become larger than before. 11. Implantation bleeding: A sign of pregnancy that few people know is that when the fertilized egg begins to implant in the uterus, it will cause slight bleeding. This is called \”implantation bleeding,\” and it occurs 3 to 6 days after fertilization. But not all women will appear. If it does, congratulations. You no longer need to worry about whether various pregnancy signals are accurate. You are already pregnant. Just relax and welcome the baby. 2. Precautions 1. Expectant mothers should maintain their existing diet.Based on your eating habits, you can eat as little light and spicy food as possible, eat more easily digestible food, and eat more vitamin-rich fresh vegetables and fruits to ensure your protein intake. 2. Avoid sexual intercourse. In the early stages of pregnancy, especially the first three months of pregnancy, the baby is still very, very fragile, so do not have sexual intercourse at this time to avoid causing miscarriage of the baby. 3. Use medication with caution. Early pregnancy is an important period for the development of the baby. If the mother-to-be has symptoms such as a cold that require medication during the early stages of pregnancy, she must seek medical treatment in time and take medication strictly in accordance with the doctor\’s instructions. She cannot follow folk prescriptions or take it according to habit. medicine. 4. Relax your mood. Many expectant mothers and fathers will become very nervous in the early stages of pregnancy. In fact, don\’t be too cautious. Keeping your mood comfortable will be beneficial to the growth of your baby. 5. Work appropriately Whether you are working in the workplace or freelancing, expectant mothers should make appropriate adjustments to their work at this time. They should not carry heavy objects or engage in jobs that require a lot of exercise. Of course, moderate work and moderate activities are also good for the body. Expectant mothers can also do moderate housework that does not require bending or touching high places. After all, appropriate work and housework will also divert the attention of expectant mothers to avoid excessive stress. 6. Quit smoking and drinking. Throughout pregnancy, expectant mothers need to quit smoking and drinking, including e-cigarettes and alcoholic beverages (mojitos, rice wine, fermented glutinous rice products, etc.). Smoking or second-hand smoke will greatly increase the probability of fetal malformation and premature birth. Alcohol intake will also increase the probability of fetal miscarriage and cause fetal alcohol syndrome. Okay, having said all that, expectant fathers and expectant mothers should not be too nervous and stressed, relax and welcome the arrival of the baby with peace of mind.

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