What to pay attention to in the first three months of pregnancy

Fetal development is not smooth sailing. There is a period that is a critical period for fetal development. If you do not pay attention, it may affect the healthy development of the baby. Medically speaking, the first three months of pregnancy is the most unstable stage of fetal development. If you want to break it down into weeks, it is from the 6th week of pregnancy to the 10th week of pregnancy. It is a sensitive period for fetal development. Compared with the early stage , the resistance is not that strong. After this period, the fetus is relatively stable. However, at 6-10 weeks, the fetus is still in the original development stage of the embryo, which is the period of organ formation. If the pregnant mother is not careful, , can easily lead to abnormal development of the fetus. In order for the fetus to survive the dangerous period safely, pregnant mothers must pay special attention to these 6 things. If they are done well, they will help the healthy development of the fetus. 1. Stay away from medicines during pregnancy preparation, and pay special attention because the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy are not very obvious. Many women mistake pregnancy reactions for illness and do not take medicines under the guidance of a doctor. This can easily lead to abnormal development of the fetus. If The pregnant mother accidentally took the medicine and the fetus successfully entered the embryonic stage. The pregnant mother was very lucky and the fetus escaped. Note: It is best for pregnant mothers to avoid taking any medicine. If you really need to take medicine, it is best to seek medical treatment in time and take medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Remember. 2. Prevent colds, especially some infectious diseases. These bacteria enter the body of the pregnant mother and have a great impact on the developing fetus. 3. Don’t eat spicy food. If you accidentally cause diarrhea after eating cold and spicy food, the uterus will become sensitive and a small amount of bleeding may occur. This means that the fetus may be in danger, and you should seek medical treatment in time. What should you do if you are craving for raw, cold and spicy food during pregnancy? The latest and most complete catalog of VIP courses in 2023 [for primary school, primary school and high school] by famous teachers in various disciplines, click here to view now! If you are greedy for raw, cold and spicy food during pregnancy, it may cause fetal poisoning after birth. Then you can consider cooking some mung bean soup and drinking it will also have a certain effect. Pay attention to a light diet, eat more fresh vegetables, drink more water, and avoid spicy food. better. Also have regular pregnancy check-ups. 4. Sexual intercourse is not allowed. Sexual intercourse at this time will stimulate the uterine contraction of the pregnant mother. In severe cases, it may lead to premature delivery of the fetus. It is best to wait until the second trimester for intercourse, when fetal development is relatively stable. However, for the sake of healthy development of the baby, it is better to avoid it if possible! 5. Quit smoking and drinking. The developmentally sensitive embryo is very sensitive to alcohol. The mother’s alcoholism greatly increases the risk of fetal development retardation and malformation. 6. Supplement folic acid. The first three months of pregnancy are the most unstable stage of fetal development. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to supplementing folic acid during these three months. In the first three months of pregnancy, the human body\’s neural tube begins to develop and nerve cells begin to divide. If there is a lack of folic acid at this time, the neural tube will not develop completely and the baby will be prone to malformations. If folic acid is supplemented at this critical time, the risk of fetal neural tube disease can be reduced by 50% to 70%. Therefore, women should start taking folic acid supplements in the first three months of pregnancy; in the early stages of pregnancy, they should take folic acid for another three months; in the third trimester of pregnancy, they can take folic acid appropriately according to the situation. Tips: For the health of your baby,If you can, quit all kinds of bad habits of pregnant mothers! After pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention to dietary hygiene, be nutritious, and avoid eating raw, cold, and spicy foods. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to a regular rhythm of life after pregnancy. They should not sit or lie down for a long time. They should pay attention to taking appropriate exercises and doing maternal gymnastics. This is good for the baby and helps in smooth delivery.

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