What\’s the matter with seeing red when pregnant?

During pregnancy, pregnant women will receive special treatment. After all, they are giving birth to a new life, and they will pay special attention to their physical condition. Especially in the first trimester, the fetus is not stable enough, so extra care is needed. Especially when there is redness, don\’t be careless and treat it with caution to get through the pregnancy smoothly. Xiaohong and her husband have been married for two years, but her stomach has not moved for a long time. The whole family is very worried. For two months in a row, my aunt didn\’t come. Xiaohong bought the test strips, and she was indeed pregnant. After learning that Xiaohong was pregnant, the family raised her up and did not let Xiaohong do anything for fear that something would go wrong. Just one month later, Xiaohong started seeing red. This time, the whole family was frightened. Xiaohong\’s mother did not panic when she learned about this situation. She pointed out that Xiaohong only appeared brown, not obviously bright red, and she also had redness when she was pregnant. It was not a big problem. Sure enough, Xiaohong observed After a few days, maybe three days, there were no more abnormalities. Until the child was born, there was nothing strange about Xiaohong\’s body. Seeing redness on the body is not necessarily dangerous, but you should not be careless. Pregnant women should make a clear judgment and seek help from an older person or a nearby clinic in time to better understand the situation. Pregnant women may see redness in early pregnancy for one of the following reasons: Implantation bleeding of the fertilized egg. When the fertilized egg implants in the endometrium, it means that a new life has begun to settle down. Most women will not have any symptoms. reaction, but some pregnant mothers will have some pink or red bloodshot eyes. In this case, the amount of bleeding is not large, and the pregnant mother will not experience any discomfort. 40-week pregnancy manual download [PDF+TXT version] This situation is just some special cases, so if you have a small amount of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, don’t panic too much, it is just a normal phenomenon, calm down and you can get through it calmly . Reason 2: Due to the special structure of cervical inflammation, once inflammation occurs in a woman’s uterus, it is often difficult to eradicate. If left untreated, it is likely to aggravate the condition and even cause new diseases. The uterus is where fertilized eggs grow. If there are lesions on the cervix, redness is likely to occur in the early stages of pregnancy. Before pregnancy, pregnant mothers should have timely examinations in this area to avoid endangering the new life. . Reason 3: Ectopic pregnancy. According to common sense, the fertilized egg should implant in the endometrium. However, if an ectopic pregnancy occurs and the fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tube, it will often cause bleeding in the pregnant woman, and she will experience abdominal pain during the bleeding. Encountering this situation can be life-threatening, and pregnant women must pay attention in time. Ectopic pregnancy is not a child\’s play. If you are not careful, it may cause heavy bleeding. After pregnancy, pregnant women should go to the hospital for corresponding examinations in time to rule out ectopic pregnancy in time. Pregnant women may have these conditions in their second and third trimester, and they may also see redness. Situation 1: Placenta previa. After spending the first few months of pregnancy, many people think they have nothing to worry about. In fact, the entire pregnancy is often full of dangers. As gestational age increases, the uterus continues to grow. If placenta previa occurs, it is very likely thatThis causes the cervix to disappear and slowly expand, further causing blood vessels to rupture, resulting in bleeding. Compared with the amount of bleeding in the first trimester, the amount of bleeding in placenta previa is larger, generally more than the amount of normal menstruation, but it is not accompanied by abdominal pain. You should go to the hospital for medical treatment in time to avoid life danger. Situation 2: After premature pregnancy, many pregnant women are still working, and their workload has not been reduced at all. As the age of the pregnant woman increases, the physical burden of the pregnant woman becomes heavier and heavier. Coupled with the heavy work, it is likely to lead to premature birth. Case. If bleeding occurs in the second or third trimester of pregnancy, pregnant women should go to the hospital for examination in time. At the same time, carry out miscarriage protection according to the doctor\’s instructions and never buy miscarriage medicines at will. Situation 3: Bleeding at the edge of the placenta In the second and third trimester of pregnancy, if the small blood vessels at the edge of the placenta rupture, it is likely to cause brown discharge in pregnant women. This kind of bleeding usually disappears in three or two days. Because the blood stimulates uterine contractions, pain is likely to occur. Since this situation lasts for a short time, pregnant women do not need to be too nervous. They can just follow the doctor\’s instructions, rest and observe on their own. You need to be more careful during pregnancy and avoid these behaviors that may cause redness. Behavior 1: Strenuous exercise. Many pregnant mothers are used to a chaotic life. In the early stages of pregnancy, there is nothing abnormal about the body, but if they perform strenuous exercise at this time, Behaviors such as running quickly or jumping may cause bleeding because the fetus is in its early stages of development. In the early stages of pregnancy, you must not be careless. If a pregnant woman\’s job requires strenuous exercise, she can be reassigned to a better position in the pregnancy. Behavior 2: Frequently staying up late. Many pregnant mothers no longer work after pregnancy, and their workload is reduced. They sleep during the day and go to bed at night, often causing symptoms of insomnia. Some pregnant mothers often stay up late because of their heavy workload. Lack of sleep will make pregnant mothers in a state of exhaustion, affecting body functions. If this happens for a long time, it can easily cause bleeding during pregnancy. Behavior 3: Being too nervous. During pregnancy, you need to maintain a happy mood, but many pregnant mothers need to maintain a state of tension at all times due to their work. Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, if the body is always in a tight state, it may cause bleeding. Usually, take more walks and go to parks and other places where you can enjoy your body and mind to keep your mood comfortable. Behavior 4: Intemperate sexual life In the early stages of pregnancy, many couples believe that as long as they are careful enough, sexual life will not affect the development of the fetus. At this time, the embryo is not stable yet, and if the abdomen is squeezed, it is likely to cause uterine contractions. The entire pregnancy should focus on the fetus and stop sexual intercourse, otherwise it will cause bleeding in the pregnant woman and even endanger the life of the fetus. The entire pregnancy is a day full of expectations for pregnant mothers, so they must adjust their mood, maintain high-quality sleep, have regular prenatal check-ups, keep abreast of the development of the fetus, and avoid behaviors that can easily lead to bleeding during pregnancy.

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