What\’s wrong with belly movements during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, if a pregnant woman has \”tummy movements\”, does it have to be fetal movement? The answer is \”not necessarily\”. Some time ago, my friend Xiaohui made a mistake. Xiaohui was only two months pregnant, and she said to her best friend excitedly: \”Xiaomei, Xiaomei, I feel the baby kicking me. He is here.\” Move, my belly is moving.\” Seeing her excitement, her best friend was also sincerely happy for her. But not long after, Xiaohui began to worry again: \”I checked on the Internet and found that fetal movements should not occur in two-month-old babies. Why did mine appear? Is there something wrong with the baby?\” After hearing this, her best friend didn\’t know what was going on, so she followed Xiaohui directly to the hospital for a checkup. The results of the examination were also dumbfounding. It turned out that Xiaohui\’s stomach pain was not caused by fetal movement, but because \”the lower abdomen gradually enlarged and compressed the aorta in the abdomen. The so-called abdominal movement was just the beating of the aorta.\” \”Causing feelings\”, there is no need to worry too much. The doctor gave a professional explanation: \”It is two months pregnant and the fetus has not yet formed, so it is impossible for fetal movement to occur. Under normal circumstances, fetal movement can only be clearly felt at four months. Before four months, there is basically no fetal movement. There are too many feelings. If the fetal movement occurs too early, it is likely to be caused by these reasons.\” After pregnancy, pregnant mothers will have a lot of curiosity about the fetus in their belly, imagining how the fetus will grow little by little. It\’s big, and I can feel the movement of my belly. Many pregnant mothers can feel their belly moving in the early stages of pregnancy and think this is fetal movement. In fact, belly movements during pregnancy are not necessarily fetal movements, but may also be caused by other factors. Many novice pregnant mothers make mistakes. \”Fetal movement\” may be caused by other factors 1. \”Abdominal movement\” during pregnancy may be the first \”abdominal movement\” caused by pregnancy belly cramps, which may be caused by pregnancy belly cramps. As a pregnant mother\’s belly continues to grow, her belly becomes weaker and weaker. Therefore, during the activity, it is very likely that the abdomen will be pulled accidentally, causing cramps in the pregnant mother\’s belly, giving people a feeling of fetal movement. 2. \”Abdominal movement\” during pregnancy may also be intestinal peristalsis and intestinal \”rumbling\”. In addition, it may also be intestinal peristalsis and intestinal roaring, leading to the illusion of fetal movement. Some pregnant mothers may experience intestinal peristalsis or gastrointestinal rumbling due to poor digestion and gastrointestinal discomfort, which may cause belly movements. This may cause many novice pregnant mothers to mistakenly think that the fetus is moving. Once this situation occurs, the pregnant mother should go to the hospital for a check-up as much as possible to ensure the health of the gastrointestinal tract to prevent the fetus from gradually growing and squeezing the gastrointestinal tract and causing unnecessary pain. 3. \”Abdominal movement\” during pregnancy may also be caused by the beating of the abdominal aorta. There is another reason for the abdominal movement, which is caused by the beating of the aorta just mentioned. As the uterus gradually increases, it puts a certain amount of pressure on the mother\’s abdominal aorta. On this basis, the beating sensation of the aorta will be increasingly felt by the mother, causing the pregnant mother to mistake it for fetal movement. Generally speaking, pregnant mothers cannot clearly feel fetal movement before four months. Many novice pregnant mothersEven if fetal movement occurs around four months old, it will be thought to be intestinal peristalsis and not known to be fetal movement. However, at five months, fetal movement will be obvious. Under normal circumstances: At 20 weeks of pregnancy, a few pregnant mothers can feel the fetal movement weakly. At 30 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can clearly feel fetal movement. At 32 weeks, fetal movements were obviously frequent. Around 37 weeks, as the fetal head gradually enters the pelvis, the fetal movements begin to slow down again. Pregnant mothers, master this rule and see if your fetal movements are normal. Whether the fetal development is healthy or not can also be clearly sensed from the fetal movements. The most important way for pregnant mothers to understand the fetus is to sense fetal movement. If you want \”normal fetal movement\”, \”good habits\” are indispensable. Pay attention to diet and work and rest patterns. First of all, pay attention to the diet and work and rest patterns during pregnancy, maintain a healthy diet and nutritional supplements, and ensure adequate sleep and reasonable work and rest times. Don\’t be as unscrupulous as you were before pregnancy, sleeping when you want, and eating whatever you want. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! Only by maintaining a reasonable schedule and a healthy diet can the fetus develop and grow healthily and normally. 2. Maintain a happy mood. In order to keep the fetal movement normal, it is also crucial for pregnant mothers to maintain a happy mood. It is said that mother and child are connected, and the pregnant mother\’s emotions also affect the fetus\’s emotions invisibly. Although the fetus is in the belly, it can feel the pregnant mother\’s emotional changes. If a pregnant mother is depressed for a long time, it can easily cause the fetus to be anxious, which may induce uterine contractions and premature birth, so the pregnant mother must maintain a happy mood. 3. Pregnant mothers must protect themselves and avoid accidental injuries. Finally, in order to keep fetal movements normal, pregnant mothers must learn to protect themselves and never allow themselves to be in danger or accident. In particular, protect your abdomen and try to avoid being squeezed and hit by foreign objects. For example, be careful when going up and down stairs, be careful about slipping when bathing, etc. You should pay attention to the details of life, otherwise it is easy to cause certain harm to the fetus. Cause abnormal fetal movements. Pregnant mothers are often very concerned about fetal movement because it can reflect the development of a fetus to a large extent. Frequent fetal movement may be caused by the fetus being hit by a foreign object; slow fetal movement may be caused by lack of oxygen or poor development. Around four months into pregnancy, pregnant mothers should carefully observe their fetal movements. The pattern, frequency, and timing of fetal movement are different for each fetus. If there is a sudden significant change in fetal movement, the pregnant mother should pay attention. She can do a fetal heart rate monitor or go to the hospital for an examination to ensure that the fetus is normal. I hope every mother can pay attention to fetal movements to ensure the healthy development of the fetus. Finally, I hope that every pregnant mother can give birth smoothly and every child can be healthy and safe.

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