When does prenatal education start? What is the best way to do prenatal education?

Under normal circumstances, after 5 months of pregnancy, that is, after 20 weeks of pregnancy, because the fetal development is relatively mature at this time and the auditory nerve can also work, it is a more appropriate time to start prenatal education at this time. First, let’s talk about what is scientific prenatal education? First of all, pregnant women must be in good physical condition, which is the basis of prenatal education. This requires pregnant mothers to have daily prenatal check-ups on time, ensure adequate nutrition in their daily diet, not be too tired in life, and take appropriate rest. The purpose of scientific prenatal education is not to give birth to gifted children, but to enable the fetus to develop healthily. Therefore, scientific prenatal education is a way to make the fetus healthier. In fact, prenatal education is mainly divided into two categories. 1. Nutritional prenatal education Only the mother\’s physical health can enable the baby to develop more healthily, so nutritional prenatal education is very important. The direct target of nutritional prenatal education is pregnant women rather than fetuses. Starting from the second trimester, that is, after three months of pregnancy, expectant mothers must pay attention to their nutritional supply in the diet. Of course, supplementing nutrition does not mean taking a large amount of supplements, but paying attention to nutritional balance. It’s not about eating too much, it’s about balanced nutrition. If you want to achieve nutritional balance, you must try to ensure a variety of foods so that you can absorb a variety of nutrients. In the daily diet, staple foods, meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc., must be eaten together. Expectant mothers should eat three meals on time, especially breakfast. Some expectant mothers don\’t like to eat breakfast, which can easily cause hypoglycemia. It is more dangerous if they go out by themselves. In terms of diet, don’t be picky about food, let alone overeating. Weight control during pregnancy is also of great significance to the health of the fetus and smooth delivery. It is advisable to keep the mother\’s weight gain within 15 to 25 pounds throughout the pregnancy. If the mother is too overweight before pregnancy, the weight gain during pregnancy should be less. 2. Emotional prenatal education. After studying a large amount of survey materials, American psychologists Osig and Simons found that if there is severe anxiety and high tension during pregnancy, it will affect the child\’s emotional problems in the future, and it is prone to emotional instability. phenomenon, and personality or emotional disorders may also occur. Some theoretical studies believe that mothers\’ strong negative emotions during pregnancy may also cause congenital defects such as cleft lip and palate and hydrocephalus in the fetus. It can be seen that the emotions of pregnant women are particularly important for the growth and development of the fetus. [The most complete and best sound quality in history] 32 sets of 100 must-listen late pregnancy prenatal education music for free. So how to make pregnant women feel better. In fact, as we often say, prenatal education music, prenatal education stories, etc., these methods are more important. The significance is to relieve the anxiety of expectant mothers and allow mothers to relax. Good emotional prenatal education is also inseparable from the cooperation of the baby\’s father. The harmonious relationship between husband and wife, the understanding, tolerance, care and love of the baby\’s father are all more conducive to the expectant mother to maintain a good mood. Due to the influence of hormones during pregnancy, pregnant women will be more sensitive than usual, prone to anxiety and sadness. You can listen to more pleasant music or beautiful pictures, and read some relaxing TV or books. ​Taboos in prenatal education. ❌Don’t: Touch the pregnant belly frequently. Frequent touching of the pregnant belly by pregnant women not only risks the umbilical cord wrapping around the neck. It will also affect the rest of the fetus. You must know that the fetus rests most of the time. ❌Taboo: Excessive prenatal education. The prenatal education music is too loud, or the daily prenatal education activities such as music and stories are too full. Such excessive prenatal education will have adverse effects on the fetus. In fact, prenatal education is not a complicated matter, and there is no need to make it complicated. As long as the pregnant woman is healthy and in a good mood, it is the best prenatal education. It is mentioned in the famous medical book \”Wanshi Women\’s Section\” in the Ming Dynasty that \”after a woman is pregnant, it is best to avoid eating full and light foods, avoid cold and heat, and always get pure and peaceful energy to nourish the fetus. Otherwise, if the fetal fat is stubborn, she will not be able to give birth.\” Disease.\” This means that after pregnancy, expectant mothers should be moderate and restrained in their diet, not prone to overeating, try to have lighter tastes, and pay attention to keeping warm and avoiding cold. Pregnant mothers should be calm and emotionally stable, so that they are conducive to fetal care and the fetus will be healthier.

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