When is the best time for a woman to get pregnant?

From the initial time of pregnancy, the time of birth of the child can basically be calculated. Pregnancy in October goes through about three seasons. The confinement season after childbirth is also crucial for the recovery of the mother. Choosing the best time to get pregnant actually has many benefits for both the mother and the baby. So many newlyweds always want to pick a suitable time to get pregnant. At this point, many people may be very puzzled. Why is it better to choose a \”good time and auspicious day\” for such a random thing? Case: Some time ago, Ms. Liu regretted giving birth to her child very much. She kept complaining to her best friend every day: \”Oh, when was the birth bad? I gave birth to him at the hottest time. You didn\’t even know.\” , how difficult it is for me to be in confinement. I sweat every day, and I smell bad, it’s so annoying!” Giving birth in the summer will indeed cause mothers a lot of troubles. The weather is hot and it is easy to be irritable, and confinement When I was a child, many old people had many special opinions and sayings. For example, according to Ms. Liu\’s mother-in-law\’s advice, windows should not be opened for ventilation during confinement, and air conditioners and fans should not be blown too much, otherwise confinement sickness will easily occur. Ms. Liu didn\’t dare to refute her mother-in-law, so she stayed in her small room every day until she almost collapsed. Moreover, since she had a caesarean section, she could only just wipe the baby in the shower, which was too unbearable! It can be seen from this that you really have to choose the right time to get pregnant and give birth. If you give birth in winter: the weather outside is too cold, and the mother is already weak, which increases the possibility of getting \”wind chill\”. The cold temperature is not conducive to the recovery of the mother, and the baby has to wear a thick cotton jacket and pants, and it is very troublesome to change diapers and clothes. It also has a negative impact on the baby\’s growth and development and the care of the baby; if Giving birth in summer: It is too hot, especially during confinement, and mothers are prone to sweating. If the temperature is too high, the mother will often sweat and become \”wet\” and very uncomfortable. Not only does it \”torture\” the mother, the baby will also be affected by sleep or development due to dryness and heat. Therefore, from a time perspective, pregnancy also has its best golden period. Choosing the right time to get pregnant has great benefits for both the mother and the baby. And according to the doctor\’s advice, \”It is best for pregnant women to get pregnant in early autumn and give birth in spring. In other words, getting pregnant from August to September is the best time to conceive and have children.\” Next, let\’s take a look at why this time is Best time to be pregnant and have a baby? What are the benefits of pregnancy in early autumn? 1. The temperature is moderate, neither cold nor hot, which is very conducive to fetal maintenance. Although the fetus is not born yet, they can feel the external environment and temperature through the mother\’s body. Whether it is cold or hot, it may affect the mood and development of the baby in the belly. The hot weather in midsummer may also make the fetus become restless. The temperature in early autumn is relatively moderate, and in August and September, the weather is neither cold nor hot, which is very conducive to raising a fetus. Therefore, choosing to conceive in August or September is a relatively good time. 2. The harvest of ripe melons and fruits in autumn is more conducive to nutritional health and nutritional supplements for pregnant women during pregnancy., the requirements are undoubtedly very strict. Autumn happens to be the season when fruits and vegetables mature, especially all kinds of fruits and vegetables, which are relatively fresh and safe. If you choose to get pregnant at this time, the mother\’s dietary choices and health protection will be much better than in other seasons, which is more conducive to nutritional balance and supply. 3. The pleasant climate and beautiful scenery are conducive to pleasing the mother\’s body and mind. In fact, the outside temperature will affect a person\’s mood. The scorching heat or cold winter can easily make people feel anxious or depressed. If you choose to get pregnant in autumn, not only will the temperature be moderate, but the climate will also be very pleasant, and the scenery will be particularly beautiful. It will make people feel relaxed and happy, and their mood will naturally become much more relaxed. This is conducive to pleasing the mother\’s body and mind, and is also conducive to nourishing the fetus and giving birth to children. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! 4. Pregnancy in early autumn and giving birth in spring are more conducive to the last period of confinement. Generally, women who are pregnant in early autumn will give birth from April to May of the following year. It is spring and it is neither cold nor cold. hot. Spring happens to be a season when everything revives, the temperature is moderate, and the scenery is beautiful, which is very suitable for postpartum mothers. A mother who is in a good mood, eats well, and produces good milk is not only conducive to the mother\’s recovery, but is also of great help to the baby\’s development. 5. It is easier to take care of your baby. Pregnancy in early autumn and giving birth in spring not only avoid the cold season of winter, but also avoid the hot weather of summer. After the baby is born, the temperature is suitable, the baby is comfortable, eats well and sleeps soundly, and the body will develop healthily. As for parents taking care of their babies, whether they are changing diapers, changing clothes or bathing their babies, they will not worry too much about the cold air causing the baby to catch a cold, thus avoiding colds and other situations caused by large changes in temperature. Seeing this, everyone must understand why it is necessary to choose a good time for pregnancy. It is not superstitious, but has scientific reason. Choosing to get pregnant in early autumn and giving birth in spring will be much better than other seasons, both for fetal care and confinement. Pregnancy is a matter of \”going with the flow\”. If you get pregnant unexpectedly without preparation, it is your own fate. Mothers should not be too obsessed with the season of childbirth. And if you are a mother who is preparing for pregnancy, it is very important to grasp an appropriate and suitable pregnancy time, but you should not force many things, and you should not rush the pregnancy. Mothers who are preparing for pregnancy can relax their body and mind in a harvest season like autumn, and gradually calm down their desire to have a baby. Maybe there will be a surprise. Finally, I hope that every mother can give birth to a healthy and cute baby safely, and that every family can be happy and harmonious.

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