When the baby shows these two symptoms, the mother should not be careless, otherwise it will seriously affect the baby\’s intelligence.

When Xixi was pregnant, the doctor said she had iron-deficiency anemia and prescribed some iron-supplementing drugs. She also asked her to pay attention to blood replenishment in her life and eat more animal liver, red dates and other foods. But Xixi felt that since she had been anemic for many years without any problems, the doctor must be trying to rip her off. So she refused the medicine prescribed by the doctor on the pretext that she had the same medicine at home, and did not pay attention to blood replenishment when she returned home. After the child was born, his skin was extremely white, and Xixi was very happy. The white skin covered up all the ugliness! When the child was over one year old, he caught a cold and had a fever, so Xixi had to take the child to the hospital. After the doctor took the child\’s blood test, he didn\’t mention the cold. Instead, he asked Xixi seriously, \”Did you know that the child is severely anemic?\” Xixi said I know, I inherited it from me, and I am also anemic, so it’s okay. The doctor was speechless. Is your child still unable to speak and unable to understand adults? Xixi is surprised, it is normal for a noble person to be slow to speak and for a child not to be able to speak yet! Finally, the doctor gave up communicating with Xixi and said that your child was severely anemic, causing mental retardation, poor concentration, and weak immunity. Xixi was confused. Anemia, a very common thing in life, can actually cause mental retardation in children! Why is anemia said to cause mental retardation in babies? The blood contains iron, an important trace element that promotes brain development. If a baby is anemic, the body will naturally be deficient in iron. Long-term iron deficiency will cause abnormalities in the development of the baby\’s nervous system, affect the baby\’s cognitive ability and behavioral development, and lead to the baby\’s inattention, irritability, unresponsiveness and slow movement. If a child has low IQ, can iron supplementation improve his intelligence? Once damage to the nervous system occurs, it is irreversible. Therefore, if the baby has mental retardation due to anemia, supplementing blood and iron later will not help. What other harms does anemia have to babies? Anemia not only harms the baby\’s intelligence, but also damages the baby\’s digestive system and immune system. For the digestive system: Anemia in babies may cause loss of appetite, weakened digestion, malabsorption, etc., affecting the healthy growth of the baby. For the immune system: Anemia in babies will directly affect the development of lymphocytes, leading to low immunity and increasing the risk of disease. How do we know if our baby is anemic? When babies are anemic, they usually have the following symptoms: loss of appetite, thin and brittle nails, pale complexion, pale lips and conjunctiva, etc.; they are easily irritable emotionally, have difficulty concentrating, and have poor memory. My baby is anemic, what should parents do? First of all, once a child is found to be anemic, parents should quickly take their child to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment without delay. Secondly, dietary supplements are the best way. Usually give your baby more iron-rich foods such as cabbage, spinach, animal liver, and egg yolks. At the same time, vitamin C can promote the absorption of iron. Giving your baby more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C can help your baby absorb iron.

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