Which stage is the most difficult for a mother to give birth to a baby naturally?

\”Ten months of pregnancy, one day of delivery\”, everyone should have heard this sentence, but those who have never experienced giving birth cannot truly understand the meaning of this sentence, nor can they understand the pain of being a mother. The psychological torture, the physical suffering, everything is just for the baby to be born safely and healthily. Therefore, every mother in the delivery room is great. In the first and second trimesters, expectant mothers will pay more attention to the nutrition and weight of the fetus, while in the third trimester, expectant mothers are often more concerned about the method of delivery. So regarding giving birth, generally speaking, there are basically two methods: one is \”natural delivery\” and the other is \”caesarean section\”. Comparing these two methods, many mothers who have experienced it will think that vaginal birth is more torturous and painful, so some pregnant mothers will have inexplicable fear of vaginal birth because of the experiences of \”experienced people\”. This is also the reason why many mothers choose to have a caesarean section even though they meet the conditions for normal delivery. So, how painful is vaginal birth? Where is the pain? The key to the problem is to first understand the process and steps of natural childbirth. Next, let us take a look at the processes that a normal childbirth goes through. Many netizens said: \”I can\’t stand it. I feel scared just looking at it.\” • The first thing you have to experience during a normal childbirth is contractions and labor pains. Uterine contractions and labor pains, when the baby is about to be delivered, are certain signs of labor for the mother. For example, seeing redness, water breaking, contractions and labor pains, these stages will directly put many mothers into incomparable torture. Especially uterine contractions and labor pains, as time goes by, the frequency becomes faster and faster, and the pain becomes more and more intense, making it unbearable for many people. There are even many men who cannot stand it at all when they experience the labor pain experience device, and even burst into tears from the pain. One can imagine how much pain the mother must suffer at this stage. •The next step is to open the cervix. During the process of uterine contractions and labor pains, the doctor will slowly wait for the mother to open her fingers. How to raise children scientifically and healthily pdf [Scientific Pregnancy Escorts Newborn Families] From one finger to ten fingers, from the size of a small cherry to the size of a small watermelon, the entire process of opening the cervix is ​​without anesthesia, which is more difficult than uterine contractions and labor pains. To endure it is also very painful for the mother. •The fetus passes through the birth canal. If uterine contractions, labor pains, and the opening of the cervix are all preparations before labor, then the real birth is the process of the fetus passing through the birth canal. Depending on the weight of the fetus, the difficulty of passing through the birth canal is also very different. Under the doctor\’s order, the mother must use reasonable force. If the mother does not pay attention to cooperation, does not exert force at the critical moment, or suffers from lack of physical strength, it is very likely that danger will occur at this link, resulting in irreparable consequences. Postpartum treatment does not really end until the fetus successfully passes through the birth canal. Some mothers have special circumstances. Because the placenta has not been completely separated, the doctor will remove the placenta. This process makes some mothers who have experienced it not even dare to recall it, thinking it is even more painful than during childbirth. The above four points are the four basic steps for a normal birth. From contractions and labor pains to dilation of the cervixprogress, then the fetus passes through the birth canal, and finally a series of postpartum treatments. Seeing this, everyone must have a preliminary understanding of childbirth. At the same time, some people will also raise questions. Among the four processes of normal childbirth, which stage is the most difficult? At which stage should we exert our strength? According to the doctor, it must be the third stage: \”the fetus passes through the birth canal\”, which is the most difficult stage. If other processes are just preparation and follow-up, then the passage of the fetus through the birth canal is the actual labor. Generally speaking, the size of the fetus\’s head is about nine centimeters, and the head size of overweight babies will be larger. Even if the cervix is ​​dilated to about ten centimeters, it will cause unbearable pain to the mother. Not only do you have to endure the pain without getting discouraged, but you also have to continue to exert force and concentrate under the doctor\’s instructions. This process is really painful and hard, and it makes people feel distressed just watching it. Some mothers may accidentally suffer from dystocia or worse conditions due to their physical condition. Seeing this, do you feel a sense of awe for mothers giving birth? [Latest Fourth Edition] Read the full text of the Pregnancy Bible with ultra-clear scanned PDF download 108M. In fact, not every mother has such a difficult time during childbirth. There are still many mothers who are very relaxed during childbirth, and even the cervix will be opened in one Completed within hours. The key to this is to take care of yourself during pregnancy. During pregnancy, if all the indicators are normal, the mother should still do appropriate exercises. Don\’t stay at home and just lie down. This will only make her body weaker and weaker. There is no energy, which is not conducive to the smooth progress of production. I hope that every mother can actively cooperate with the doctor during delivery, maintain a good attitude, and take care of herself, so that at the critical moment, she can give birth to a healthy and cute baby. Finally, I hope that every family can be happy and harmonious, and that every child can be born safely and healthily.

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