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Why babies who are exclusively breastfed are prone to anemia


Oct 1, 2023 #neonatal period

\”Breastfeeding makes anemia more likely\” is very irresponsible. As we all know, breast milk is the best diet for babies. Breastfeeding for more than 6 months and not adding complementary foods in time is an independent risk factor for anemia in infants and young children. The iron brought by the baby from the mother will be used up at about 6 months, and it needs to be obtained from complementary foods at this time. iron. The main types of complementary foods are: cereals, eggs, vegetables, fruits, meats, and animal offal. The first complementary food is generally recommended to be high-iron rice noodles. Rice noodles, egg yolks, liver purees, and vegetable purees in the complementary foods all contain high iron content. High levels of iron can meet the needs of infants and young children for growth and development. At the same time, add vegetables, fruits and other foods rich in vitamin C appropriately to promote iron absorption. Scientific parenting knowledge: The complete video collection of the Infant Family Care Encyclopedia. Around 6 months after birth, the stored iron normally brought by the baby from the mother is exhausted due to growth and development needs. Simple breast milk or other milk substitutes cannot meet its growth and development needs. If complementary foods are not supplemented in time, corresponding nutrient deficiencies will easily occur. Therefore, complementary foods should be added in a timely and reasonable manner to meet the nutritional needs of infants and young children. Therefore, reasonable supplementary food addition is of great significance for preventing and treating iron deficiency anemia in infants and young children. If the baby really has anemia, the mother can first adjust the baby\’s diet and add more iron-rich foods such as vegetables and red meat, instead of attributing the cause to breastfeeding.

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