Why do I have insomnia and headache during pregnancy?

Why do many pregnant mothers suffer from insomnia during pregnancy? Many pregnant women say they often have trouble sleeping during pregnancy and are mentally and physically exhausted. So, why is it easy to suffer from insomnia during pregnancy? 1. Hormonal changes during pregnancy: Due to the increase in progesterone levels in early pregnancy, pregnant mothers often feel sleepy and fatigued, but many pregnant mothers still have insomnia problems. The reason is that too much rest and nap during the day will make you feel energetic at night. This coupled with elevated progesterone levels can lead to breathing changes that can lead to breathing disturbances during sleep, disrupting sleep. Feeling sleepier during the day and more energetic at night. Even though it looks like I\’m sleeping a lot, the quality of my sleep is actually not high, and the number of night awakenings is also very high. 2. Physical discomfort As the baby grows and the uterus increases, the pressure on the bladder will also increase. If the baby is particularly active at night, it is even more necessary for the pregnant mother to wake up at night. In addition, as the fetus grows, pregnant mothers often cannot maintain one position for too long, otherwise they will have backache or leg discomfort, even when sleeping. I often wake up right after I fall asleep, and I can\’t find a comfortable position even after tossing and turning. Or simply can\’t sleep at all because the sleeping position is uncomfortable. 3. Anxiety As a first-time mother, it is inevitable that the emotions will be a bit complicated. Not only are there the joy of waiting to see the baby, but there is also the anxiety of being responsible for the little life, and the worry that she will not be able to learn to be a good mother. Therefore, many pregnant mothers will become more sensitive and sentimental at night.

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