Why does a baby who is just one month old stare at something?

The baby of my classmate Xiaoqi’s family was just one month old. I took the baby to Xiaoqi’s house to play two days ago and saw several pieces of red paper taped to the ceiling of her bedroom. What kind of custom is this? We don’t have the custom here of sticking red paper on the ceiling when a baby is born. I asked Xiaoqi what happened. Xiaoqi said mysteriously, \”Don\’t mention it, it scares us to death. We found that as soon as it gets dark, the baby likes to stare at a place on the ceiling, looking attentively, as if there is something, for several days in a row. That\’s right. The elders at home say that children who can\’t speak can see things that adults can\’t see, so they should put some red paper on them to ward off evil spirits.\” After listening to Xiaoqi\’s words, I couldn\’t help but laugh. Many parents have discovered that babies have this mysterious ability, which is to stare at places where adults can\’t see anything and see things very clearly. This is not a supernatural ability, nor is it a scary thing. It is determined by the characteristics of the baby\’s visual development. The kindergarten bridging course allows babies to learn pinyin by following tongue twisters. The complete collection of cartoon videos👉From the visual development characteristics of full-month babies, we can see why they like to stare at certain places. 💁Babies at this stage are sensitive to light, and their eyes will like to look towards the shining place, but because their visual ability is still limited, they cannot follow it yet, and they often stare at one place. 💕Babies at this stage are more interested in black and white and things with strong contrast. After dark, if you turn on the lights, there will be some shadows on the ceiling or walls. This is in line with the baby\’s preference for black and white things, so they will always stare at the ceiling or somewhere on the wall. Parents can adapt to their baby\’s visual development characteristics and exercise their visual ability. 🌈You can use black and white cards to train your baby. First, it meets the baby\’s visual sensitivity to black and white. Second, by looking at the different patterns on the black and white cards, it can also promote the development of the baby\’s cognitive ability. ✅ Precautions for using black and white cards: 1. Do it when the baby has eaten well, slept well, and is in a happy mood. 2. Make sure there is enough light in the room. 3. The black and white card is about 15-25 cm away from the baby. 4. Each time should not be too long, and do not force the baby when he is tired. 5. While the baby is reading the card, parents can briefly explain the content of the picture, which will help the baby\’s language and cognitive development. Don\’t think that your baby is too young and only knows how to feed and sleep. Effective early childhood education is integrated into daily parenting, and parents can easily do it.

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