Why does body hair increase during pregnancy?

What to do if you have thick body hair during pregnancy? The increase in body hair during pregnancy is due to the sharp increase in progesterone in women during pregnancy, which is much faster than metabolism, resulting in high hormone levels in the body that cannot be discharged in time, and are then released in the form of increased hair. Most pregnant mothers start to grow hair around their belly, and some even extend to their chests. This is a normal pregnancy symptom. Of course, there are also some pregnant mothers whose body hair does not change, and it is normal for their body hair to remain unchanged. Regardless of whether there are changes in body hair, these are normal physiological changes. For pregnant mothers who feel that their fur is not beautiful enough, there is no need to worry too much about this kind of fur, and we do not recommend any hair removal. After delivery, the hormone levels in our body will naturally slowly drop, and the furry animals will return to their original appearance by themselves. After understanding this, pregnant mothers should stop worrying about body hair and stay happy and calm. Waiting for the baby to come!

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