Why does the taste become heavier after pregnancy?

My friend Lily (pseudonym) has just found out that she is pregnant. Since becoming pregnant, Lily has experienced vomiting after eating sour foods, vomiting after eating spicy food, vomiting even after drinking water, and has become suspicious of life. I especially like the smell of gasoline. Every time I feel uncomfortable, I go to the roadside to smell the smell of gasoline. The \”pregnant husband (Lily\’s husband)\” in the family saw the strange changes in his wife, so he started the mode of doting on his wife: whatever Lily wanted to eat, the pregnant husband immediately bought it. Lily liked the smell of gasoline and immediately parked the car directly in front of the house every day. , let Lily smell it enough, and go to work by bus. A good mood can relieve morning sickness. I have to say that meeting a good partner is really a blessing in life. How weird are the taste changes after pregnancy? \”Pregnant women\” say that almost all pregnant mothers have experienced changes in taste after pregnancy, which are \”weird and interesting\”. Regarding the changes in taste after pregnancy, it may not be the pregnant mother herself who feels the change in taste at first, but the attentive \”pregnant husband\” at home. \”Pregnant husband\” Mr. He once said: \”Because my wife was pregnant, I worked as a traffic police commander at an intersection for several months.\” I remember that when my wife was pregnant, she especially liked to smell the northwest wind at the crossroads. I had no choice but to take her to the crossroads every two days to smell the northwest wind for fear of her having an accident. For this reason, I became good friends with the traffic policeman at the intersection, and I would help him with directions when he was busy. [Latest Fourth Edition] Read the full text of the Pregnancy Bible with ultra-clear scanned PDF download 108M \”Pregnant Husband\” Mr. Zhang has something to say: As a southerner, I ate noodles for eight months after my wife became pregnant. Speaking of that period of eating noodles I feel like vomiting every day. My wife and I are both from the South. Before getting pregnant, we hardly ate noodles. My wife even hated noodles. But after becoming pregnant, we ate all kinds of noodles non-stop: Henan braised noodles, fried noodles, mixed noodles, beef noodles, and even water noodles. I love cooking noodles so much… \”Pregnant husband\” Mr. Li had something to say: It was raining outside that day, and my pregnant wife suddenly said she wanted to eat snail noodles. I immediately drove my car to find a snail noodle shop. I saw a very clean and tidy snail noodle shop. When I was about to drag my wife in, she insisted on going to a dirty and shabby stall far away. I said this shop was cleaner and more comfortable, and my wife said, \”I like to eat while eating.\” You can feel the sound of rain beside the noodles, so the noodles taste delicious.\” The taste changes greatly during pregnancy. It may be that the fetus is sending some kind of \”signal\” to the mother. After understanding it, I feel at ease. In fact, the reason why taste changes greatly during pregnancy may represent some changes in the mother\’s body, or it may be that the fetus is sending signals to the mother. The mother sends a certain \”signal\”, and pregnant mothers feel at ease after understanding it. The fetus is reminding the mother that her body is \”deficient in certain nutrients.\” CiCi\’s mother once had this experience: She loved sweets during pregnancy, but when she went for a checkup, she found she had low blood sugar. Some experts believe that a mother\’s special taste changes during pregnancy may indicate a \”lack of certain nutrients\” in the body, so it is very necessary for pregnant mothers to have regular prenatal check-ups during pregnancy. Due to the physiological protection of the fetus, most pregnant mothers will experience huge changes in their taste and smell after pregnancy. Those who were originally insensitive to taste will become very sensitive during this period. Some experts believe that this is a physiological protective effect on the fetus in the process of human evolution, allowing pregnant mothers to automatically stay away from these harmful effects on the fetus.Harmful developmental substances and foods. The change in taste is the effect of certain hormones after pregnancy. In fact, the change in taste during pregnancy in pregnant mothers is mostly due to the influence of human chorionic gonadotropin after pregnancy. This hormone will continue to increase after the mother is 3 weeks pregnant and will gradually decrease after 10 weeks. This hormone is a substance that is beneficial to the healthy development of the fetus, and it is also a substance that causes changes in the taste of pregnant mothers. Popular knowledge: Refute rumors about taste during pregnancy Elderly people in the family will pay special attention to the various behaviors of pregnant mothers during pregnancy. Especially for the elderly who have specific requirements for the gender of their baby, they will judge whether the baby is a boy or a girl early on based on the reaction of the pregnant mother. But in fact, these lack scientific basis. Pregnant mothers should not believe too much, which will affect their mood during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should not blindly believe that the older generation has a saying called \”sour and spicy food\” during pregnancy, which means that if a pregnant mother likes to eat sour food during pregnancy, it means she is pregnant with a boy; Those who love spicy food are pregnant with a girl. This method has no scientific basis, and pregnant mothers should not blindly believe it. Strange taste during pregnancy is actually a common phenomenon. There is no need to worry too much. Pregnant mothers will be more anxious about their strange taste after pregnancy, and worry about whether there is something wrong with the baby\’s development. In fact, for most pregnant mothers, the incidence of this situation is relatively high. Pregnant mothers should take a correct view of the big change in their taste and get a timely prenatal check-up. The doctor will tell you the root cause of the change in taste based on the test results. The huge change in taste after pregnancy is actually mainly caused by the rapid increase in hormones in the body after pregnancy. After 3 months, if the pregnant mother still has a weird taste, it is very necessary to have a prenatal check-up on time, because the results of the check-up will tell you \”why the taste has changed.\” In addition, stay in a good mood and eat a balanced diet during pregnancy. Nutrition is more conducive to the healthy development of the fetus and baby.

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