Why is morning sickness so severe and how to solve it

A few days ago, some friends in the mother\’s group raised this question: Why do some people vomit to the point of doubting their life when they are pregnant, while some people have no morning sickness at all? I started vomiting food and water when I was pregnant, and I felt like vomiting when I smelled food. Every time I cook upstairs or downstairs, I have to put on a mask quickly. By the time I was four months pregnant, I was vomiting almost twenty or thirty times a day. The vomited bile and blood came out, my throat was burning, and my stomach was extremely uncomfortable due to the burning of gastric acid. What was even more devastating was that I was so hungry that I woke up several times in the middle of the night, but just thinking about eating made me want to vomit. So, now I just think of whatever food I can eat without vomiting. Alas, it was simply too unbearable. I count the days every day, and when I wake up every morning, I comfort myself that I have finally made it through another day. As usual, the friends in the group actively expressed their opinions. I took a look and found that some people do not suffer from morning sickness, while others have vomiting from pregnancy to delivery. What impressed me most was this message: \”I especially envy those mothers who suffer from morning sickness. Their tender little bits are so painful. Unlike me, not only did I not have morning sickness during pregnancy, but I also ate more. I had a big belly all day long. , riding an electric bike to work. Others were scared when they saw it, but I looked like nothing was wrong. I was as strong as an ox, and I somehow lost the opportunity to act coquettishly. \”…Then the problem is, it\’s also pregnancy, why? Why do some people not even feel sick when they vomit, while some people vomit to the point of vomiting? It is mainly related to these factors: The hormone levels in the pregnant mother\’s body are seriously imbalanced. After pregnancy, in order to better nurture the gestational sac, the hormone levels in the pregnant mother\’s body will change significantly. Among them, estrogen, progesterone and chorionic gonadotropin will all increase. The increase in hormones will make pregnant mothers feel more or less nauseous and even vomit. This is a very normal pregnancy reaction. However, if the fetus develops too fast, the imbalance of hormone secretion levels in the pregnant mother\’s body will be more serious, which will lead to poor gastrointestinal motility and gastrointestinal spasm, which will aggravate morning sickness. The digestive system of pregnant mothers is relatively weak. Some pregnant mothers have better physiques and stronger digestive functions, so the hormone changes in the body will be greater in time, and the impact on their digestive systems will be relatively small. Therefore, after they became pregnant, they basically did not experience morning sickness. How about the book \”Gold Medal Confinement Sister teaches you about confinement\” pdf download ultra-clear [Precautions during confinement + confinement recipes + newborn care] However, some pregnant mothers have weak physiques, and their gastrointestinal conditions are weak before pregnancy. weak. Therefore, after pregnancy, hormonal changes will seriously affect their digestive system. No matter what you eat, food will accumulate in the gastrointestinal tract, causing severe morning sickness, nausea, and even dizziness. Changes in pregnant mothers’ sense of smell and taste. After pregnancy, some pregnant women’s sense of smell will become particularly sensitive. They can smell even the slightest smell of oil smoke or a smell they don\’t like. In addition, their tastes will change significantly. I am particularly repelled by some foods, and whenever I smell, see, or even think about them, I feel particularly uncomfortable in my stomach. Pregnant mothers have greater mood swings and excessive mental stress. Studies have found that pregnant mothers have more severe morning sickness.It is also closely related to mental factors. If after pregnancy, the pregnant mother often stays up late, works with a relatively high intensity, and is highly stressed for a long time. And the mood fluctuates greatly, often feeling anxious or depressed. These can cause morning sickness in pregnant mothers to become severe.

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