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Will the baby be very active during labor?


Oct 1, 2023 #fetal period

Traditionally, we believe that pregnant mothers have a very hard time during childbirth. After all, they are pregnant in ten months and are about to give birth this morning. In fact, the birth itself is also a great contribution to the baby\’s own work. It is the result of the joint efforts of mother and child. The most ideal delivery is a natural delivery of the baby. So in order to welcome the new world, what preparations are the babies busy with before giving birth? 1. The fetuses developing in the womb are not \”doing nothing\”. When the fetus\’s body develops to an appropriate level, they will actively make full preparations for the upcoming delivery. The fetus at 37 weeks of pregnancy gradually reaches full term. In order to adapt to the new environment outside the womb in the future, the fetus at this time will choose to perfect and reserve \”functions\”. For example, the body temperature regulating central nervous system of fetuses is not perfect, so in order to adapt to the outside temperature in the new world, they will store enough fat at term to maintain body temperature. After 39 weeks, in order to resist the invasion of external diseases, the fetus will absorb and store a large amount of immune antibodies from the placenta to build a protective shield for itself. 2. Busy with physical development. Until before birth, the fetus is also busy with body growth. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! The lungs are the last organs of the fetus to mature. When the lungs mature, it means that the fetus can breathe independently outside the womb. From the 36th week until the 38th week, the fetus\’s respiratory and digestive systems are perfected, so the fetus has a high adaptability to the new environment. 3. Busy preparing to send signals. After the final organ has matured, it means that the fetus has the basic ability to live outside the womb. At this time, the fetus will send a \”ready\” signal to the mother to prepare herself. . Then it secretes lactase together with the mother to officially start the birth mechanism. The secretion site of the fetus is the fontanelle, and the mother secretes it in the birth canal. When a sufficient amount of emulsifying enzyme is stored, the mother receives the signal that she sees redness or amniotic fluid. Compared with caesarean section, vaginal trial birth requires more effort. After the mother shows signs of labor such as redness or water rupture, the fetal head needs to be pressed down continuously, and uterine contraction pain will gradually occur. After contractions, the fetus will try to stimulate the expansion of the cervix according to regular uterine contractions, in order to ensure smooth operation. Work hard to give birth. After entering the labor process, the baby needs to continue to adjust its posture, adjust, change and try, curl up the body tightly and minimize it, find the most suitable posture for passing through the birth canal, and deliver the baby in the smallest and most suitable posture. Generally, this process requires the cooperation between mother and child, and after a few hours of joint efforts, they can successfully enter the new world.

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