Will vomiting in the third trimester have any impact on the baby?

Speaking of the signs of pregnancy, many people must first think of \”morning sickness\”. Generally, in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women often suffer from symptoms of nausea and vomiting, and for ten months, many pregnant mothers have suffered through it. : From morning sickness in the early stages, to edema in the mid-stage, to back pain in the later stages, every process and every experience is very torturous and painful. In this regard, many pregnant mothers keep complaining that pregnancy is too painful. There are even some people who feel it is very unfair: Why do some people get pregnant so easily, while others find it so painful? Is frequent morning sickness a sign of good pregnancy? Just like my neighbor Xiaohua, I and my sister-in-law were pregnant at basically the same time, and their children were all in the same month. But every time I couldn\’t eat and suffered from severe morning sickness, the other person would act as if nothing was wrong and he didn\’t feel the pain he was suffering at all. This made Xiaohua feel extremely unfair. Why was her pregnancy so painful while others had it so easy? So when he went for a physical examination, Yang Hua met the doctor and directly expressed his inner thoughts. Hearing this, the doctor smiled helplessly: \”Sometimes, these signs of pregnancy are actually good things, so you don\’t have to feel unfair. Frequent morning vomiting is actually a sign of good pregnancy.\” So, why is frequent morning vomiting a good sign? As for the signs of good pregnancy, especially these two points, they are of great benefit to the baby. ①• Frequent morning sickness often means that the child has a higher \”IQ\”. Let\’s first look at the main causes of morning sickness. This is caused by the increase in maternal hcg levels during pregnancy, and this hcg level can also directly stimulate the fetal nervous system. Make children smarter. Therefore, those who have frequent morning sickness often mean that their hcg levels are high, and it also means that their children’s nervous systems may be more developed, and their children will be smarter in the future. Therefore, pregnant mothers should not feel too uncomfortable when experiencing morning sickness. This is a reaction of the mother\’s body, and it also means that the fetus is developing healthily. ②• Frequent morning sickness is beneficial to the healthy development of the child. Furthermore, under normal circumstances, most of the things vomited out by frequent morning sickness actually contain some harmful substances. Zheng Yuqiao\’s Parenting Encyclopedia + Zheng Yuqiao\’s Parenting Manual pdf download [6 volumes in total] During pregnancy, the mother vomits out all these substances that are harmful to the fetus to maintain a better growth environment for the child and avoid harming the baby in the belly , it is also a kind of protection for children and is more conducive to the healthy development of children. After listening to these explanations, will you still complain about why you have frequent morning sickness? Are you still envious of mothers who have no symptoms of pregnancy? Every pregnant woman has a different physique and responds differently to pregnancy. In fact, there is no need to compare with others. Speaking of this, some people are also confused. In addition to frequent morning sickness, what other signs are signs of good luck? Next let’s take a look in detail. 1. The appearance of stretch marks. Many people always complain about the appearance of stretch marks after pregnancy, and they are especially envious of those who have particularly smooth abdomens. But in fact, stretch marks represent fetal hairThose who have good pregnancy, those whose fetuses are too small and whose development is slow, will naturally have fewer stretch marks. Therefore, stretch marks can also reflect the development level of the fetus to a certain extent, so mothers should stop complaining. 2. Pregnant women experience chest pain. Some people always say that their breasts are swollen and painful, which is particularly uncomfortable. In fact, this situation is also a sign of good pregnancy. Chest swelling and pain means that the breasts are undergoing secondary development, and the milk supply will be more abundant in the future. If the chest does not hurt, then you should pay attention. The baby in the future is likely to have no milk and lack of nutrition. Not all pain is bad. Breasts will gradually grow during pregnancy. If the growth is too fast, some pregnant women will feel some swelling and pain. In fact, this is their own preparation for the birth of the baby in the future. Pregnant mothers should not worry too much. 3. The phenomenon of increased appetite. Some mothers are worried that their appetite increases greatly after pregnancy. They cannot control themselves and eat too much. They are afraid that their bodies will be deformed in the future. In fact, there is no need to worry too much about this situation. On the contrary, it is a sign that the fetus is developing well. Because as long as a pregnant woman wants to eat, it means that her body needs nutrients. When the fetus is hungry and needs to absorb nutrients, the pregnant woman will feel that she wants to eat. This is a conditioned response of herself. However, when pregnant women particularly want to eat, they should pay attention to a healthy diet and avoid junk food and non-nutritious food. You should pay more attention to balanced nutrition and eat healthily. So sometimes, pregnant mothers should not always envy others why they don\’t react at all when they are pregnant, but they themselves have to suffer so much. In fact, some of them are normal signs of pregnancy and are good for you and your baby. [Hot Mom Quotes]: If pregnant mothers have particularly serious or difficult reactions, they can consult a doctor during the pregnancy checkup to see if it is due to themselves or to other problems. Only by knowing what to expect can pregnant mothers spend the entire pregnancy with greater peace of mind. Finally, I hope that every pregnant mother can give birth to a cute baby safely, and that every family can be happy and harmonious. Moms, what kind of pregnancy reactions have you had during pregnancy? How do you cope with the changes in your body after pregnancy?

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