Women\’s early pregnancy symptoms (5th week)

Early symptoms of a woman\’s pregnancy: Development of the fetus in the 5th week: In the 5th week, the embryo in the uterus is growing rapidly. Judging from the shape. The carcass can be divided into body and head. There is a darker part of the fetus\’ back that will develop into the spinal cord. The hands and feet that were still curled together at 4 weeks of pregnancy have developed during this week and stretched out like a plant sprouting. Protruding somites appear on both sides of the neural tube, and the somites will develop into spine, ribs, and muscles. Although it is still not possible to hear the fetal heartbeat through ultrasound, there is no doubt that the fetal heart is beating continuously. Although the final appearance of the heart is not yet formed, there are already ventricles formed by the union of two blood vessels. The tiny ventricles contracted repeatedly like a spasm. Women\’s early pregnancy symptoms: Physical changes of pregnant mothers in the 5th week: In the 5th week, it is difficult for others to tell that you are pregnant. There are no obvious changes on the surface of the abdomen, but pregnant mothers can still feel that they are different from before pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers will experience early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting. Nausea is especially serious in the morning when they are fasting. As long as they smell the smell of certain foods, they will immediately feel nausea or even vomiting. Symptoms usually begin in the morning and gradually improve with increased activity throughout the day. As the growing uterus puts pressure on the bladder, pregnant mothers frequently feel the urge to urinate. Milky white vaginal discharge also gradually increased. In addition, due to the influence of hormones, the stomach or waist is often in a tight state, and intestinal peristalsis becomes slow, which can easily cause constipation.

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