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You have nothing to say to your child, why not start with this?

What should I do if I have nothing to say to my child? Last weekend, a mother came to the picture book library. She told her worriedly that there was no common topic between her and her daughter. It turned out that her daughter was ten years old and in fourth grade. Before the second grade of elementary school, my daughter was very close to her and was willing to share anything with her mother. And since the third grade, I suddenly found that my daughter was no longer willing to talk to her, and would lock herself in the door when she came home from school. Occasionally she wanted to ask her children about their studies or life, but she couldn\’t find a topic. Repeated every day: \”What did you learn today?\” \”What did you do today?\” Such questions are tedious and boring. Asking children year after year, day after day, is like reporting work as an adult. I don’t know where to start or what to say. It\’s normal for parents and children to not be able to find topics to talk about, especially as the children grow up. You have your life circle, and your children have their children\’s life circle. We don’t know what happens to our children at school, and it’s impossible for us to tell our children everything about their parents’ work and life. So what can we talk about? I saw a frowning mother looking for books for her children, so I asked her: \”Does your child like reading?\” She said: \”Very much, and their teacher also requires them to read more.\” I asked: \”What about you\”? \”I used to like it too, but I\’m so busy with work, where do I have time?\” This answer was unexpected for me, and I\’ve met many parents. Although many parents now attach great importance to their children\’s reading and lead them into the world of words. It’s just that those mothers who love reading mostly set their own example to make their children’s interest in reading more intense and continue. Mothers who don’t like reading buy books and accompany them to flip through a few pages. As the children’s interests change, the books are obscured. After a long time, it will be put on the shelf, and the taste of books will fade away. I know that reading is good, and I also know that reading habits are very important, so I spend all my efforts to guide my children to read, but I still don’t have time to read by myself, let alone accompany my children to read together. book. Everyone already knows how important reading is. Today we are going to talk about \”shared reading\” between parents and children. The most important thing for children and parents is communication. Why not start by reading books together? Gorky said, \”Books are the ladder of human progress.\” In fact, books are not only the ladder of progress, but also a bridge for interactive communication in life. A passage from \”The Reading Mother\”: \”You may have unlimited wealth, boxes of jewelry and cabinets of gold, but you will never be richer than me – I have a mother who reads to me.\” . I have a little nephew who is nine years old and is naughty and playful by nature. As long as she goes to his house, she will hear her mother nagging: \”I didn\’t do my homework today\”, \”Whose hair did you pull again\”, \”Where is your coat?\” When faced with such questions from his mother, the little nephew usually raises his eyebrows. Without saying a word, he faced his mother\’s questions indifferently. As time went by, the relationship between parent and child became increasingly cold, and they disliked each other as soon as they met. His mother often exclaims: \”Is this her own child?\” Starting from the second grade of elementary school, in order to enhance the emotional communication between parents and children, the school encourages parents and children to read a book togetherBook activities allow parents and children to read, write, comprehend and communicate together. Parents and children choose books, read and write their thoughts together. This was really difficult for my little nephew who didn’t like to read, but under the supervision of the teacher, he joined reluctantly at first. The sister-in-law made up her mind to complete this activity well and restore the parent-child relationship with her child. After learning from everywhere, I started to implement it. First, I chose a book \”My Wild Animal Friends\” that boys like more. \”At first, the child was not interested, so I decided to read it to the child, which might arouse her interest. By imitating the sounds of small animals, The characters in the book were vividly expressed. The children were fascinated and stared at me unblinkingly, fearing that they would miss every detail. When I saw that my goal was achieved, I read more enthusiastically. When I read some When he read the humorous details, we all couldn\’t help but giggle. This book is so interesting. When I got tired of reading, he immediately took the book and imitated me and performed it with gusto. The plot in the book even makes me want to put it down. We read this book for several days. In the afternoon, we alternated reading the previous paragraph and it became a must-have homework.\” Slowly, there was a topic between them. When they encountered a similar scene, they started discussing and imitating it, which led to some laughter and extended conversations. After this incident, my sister-in-law concluded: The most important thing for children and their parents is communication, and reading books together is a good way. Parents are their children’s first teachers, and they are also their children’s mentors and helpful friends who accompany each other throughout their lives. Therefore, the education of their children has a profound impact on their growth, and there is no end to learning. While helping our children grow, we parents also need to continue to enrich them. and complete self, to meet the different needs of children at different stages, so that we can make progress and grow together. Reading with children can enhance feelings and cultivate sentiments. It is a very meaningful and warm thing. When two people read together, they pay more attention to the children’s thinking and expression. After reading different types of books with children, Have a debate after the book to see who speaks more to the point on the same topic, and discuss with your children how to combine theory with practice. How to bring the interesting things in the book into life? How to keep talking with your children? Why not start by reading a book together. How to talk about books with children? The prerequisite for talking about books with your child is that you are willing to read the book with him. It is not a question for the child to find an answer, but to sort out his own thoughts. \”Charlotte\’s Web\” tells the story of a spider and a pig, a very classic fairy tale. When talking about books with your children, ask more open questions. Such questions often start with what-if questions – what would you do if you encountered such a situation? If it were you, what would you do? Have you ever encountered such a thing? When I accompanied my daughter to read the picture book \”Grandma Upstairs and Grandma Downstairs\”, I inserted some topic conversations, such as Where is your grandma? What is loneliness? are you alone? What is fear? Is it shameful for people to be afraid? When reading \”When I Have Friendship to Rent\”, I will ask: What is friendship? Do you haveFriends? Do you have any particularly close friends? We can talk about such topics, even what kind of children are good children? What is excellence? How do we view death? Many novels are created with this theme. Parent-child reading is a multi-purpose thing for children when they grow up. Whether it is ten minutes, fifteen minutes or half an hour, parents should spend time reading a book with their children every day. Books, this process can not only exert a subtle influence on children, but also enhance communication and reduce barriers to emotional communication with children. Reading and analyzing together is a happy way for parents and children to think about the world together. The previously vague ideas seemed to become clearer, and more sparks of thought emerged. When parents and children read a book together, they feel like they have the encouragement and support of a family; they are unconditionally accepted, listened to, empathized with, and accompanied; they learn to express and listen in a loving way; they can even get the opportunity to host a book club; they support each other. , allowing everyone to be supported and grow. Read with your father, the pressure of a more interesting life has made more and more young parents tired of trying to make money to maintain family expenses, hoping to give their children a better growing environment as much as possible. This starting point is good, but how many fathers leave in the morning before their children wake up, and when they come home exhausted at night, their children have already fallen asleep again. When their children are young, many parents live with their children under the same roof, but they don’t see each other several times a week. How can they have topics to talk about? Among the many companionships, I think it is the easiest to achieve and the most effective. The best thing is to read it together with your children. A father in the picture book library shared with me an interesting story about reading with his daughter: \”Because we read together, we have a lot of \”little secrets\” between father and son. When the child speaks fast, he often cannot pronounce words clearly, and sometimes the mother guesses multiple times. I didn’t guess it right, but I knew as soon as I heard that the child was “quoting” the content of a certain story. This tacit understanding between father and son comes from reading together every night, and it also makes me talk about children’s education and father-son relationship whenever I hear it. When reading together, it is natural to do it together. I read enthusiastically every day, and the children listened with relish. After a period of time, the children began to \”endorse\”, and I read the first half of the book. When he is reading a sentence, he can pick up the second half of the sentence, or he can point to a page and tell the story upside down. I can feel that he is growing, and I have been with him during the growth process. This sense of accomplishment is Incomparable.\” Compared with other ways of companionship, shared reading should be the easiest to implement. It does not require a specific environment, no need to inspect any educational institutions, no need to delve into hundreds of parenting concepts, and no need for you to have a lot of money. time. Buy a book, read it to him, and communicate with him, it\’s that simple. Mr. Qian Zhongshu is an interesting father. In Mr. Yang Jiang\’s \”We Three\”, many interesting stories about his father and his daughter are recorded. Among them, they love reading and reading a book together is a common hobby of the three of them. Jim, the author of \”Reading aloud Handbook\” mentioned: \”Fathers reading to their children is one of the best ways to reverse children\’s gender stereotypes about reading.\” Reading a book together and having topics to talk about with your children is not just It is only the responsibility of the mother. On the contrary, with my fatherReading a book together is even more fun. Some people say that a good book should be read at least three times in a lifetime. When I was young, my parents read it to me; when I grew up, I read it to my children; when I got older, I needed to savor it more carefully and read it to myself. Today, we hold our children and read to them in the quietest and gentlest voice. When time flies, the children will hold their children again and read these good books. Reading is the most beautiful thing. When you and your children have nothing to talk about, why not start by reading a book together. All reasons will \”make way\” for such beauty.

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