You treat your children as a burden, but he regards them as wealth

I remember when my child was just one year old, as a new mother, what made me most anxious every weekend was: not knowing where to take my child to play. People who have never been mothers may not understand how \”where to go\” has become a \”burden and burden\”? But you can imagine this scenario: a helpless new mother + an energetic and constantly tossing child. We don’t have many ways to communicate with each other and play happily. We can only spend a lot of boring time, They love and kill each other with big eyes and small eyes. Therefore, it is not so much a question of \”where to go to play\”, but rather a question of how to spend the weekend with \”high quality + high efficiency\”. It is best for both parties to gain something and be in a happy mood. Later, I communicated with many parents in the company and community, and found that they all had such troubles. No wonder someone humorously summed it up: after taking care of the children for two days on the weekend, I couldn’t be happier when I thought about going to work on Monday! Later, we finally found a good solution: it is called \”bringing up the baby in a group\”. The parents of our almost eldest children formed a small WeChat group. Whenever a parent in the group proposes a weekend activity plan, other families will respond enthusiastically as long as they have time. There are several obvious benefits to doing this: 1. Finally, you no longer have to worry about where to go on weekends. There is always power when there are more people. There are always people who pay attention to hot parent-child information and find fun places; 2. Children need such a small social environment to learn how to communicate, get along and share in the process of equal interaction with their friends; 3. Parents also gain an intimate social environment. The children were playing together on the lawn, and the parents were just freed up. At that time, the children were very happy and the adults were very relaxed. We finally felt that this was the real weekend parent-child weekend, and everyone was no longer an isolated island. Just when our child has grown from 1 year old to almost 5 years old today, when I finally no longer have to worry about the big burden of \”where to go on weekends\”, one day I was surprised to find: in our group A father who took care of his children and was my immediate boss actually resigned from his senior position in a listed company and started his own independent business. The theme of his business is solved through the Internet + socialization method: where to take the children to play on weekends. I communicated with him with unconcealed surprise, and he said: \”We have been working in the mobile Internet industry for so many years, and there is a word that you should be familiar with: pain points. Everyone is looking for it when making products, but now it is just fine There. Our own real pain points, are they not the urgent needs of other parents? Now that we have found the key to the solution, we are fully capable of spreading it through the Internet… You know I have always had a problem for so many years To dream of starting a business, when you encounter such a good opportunity, of course you have to try your best and work hard.\” This is a true story that happened around me. The entrepreneurial brand \”Walking Group\” that I lead was founded in 2016 and is now valued at tens of millions of yuan. I am ashamed that he saw the difficulties we all encountered as great opportunities; the baggage we had been eager to get rid of was seen as a precious and guarded asset by him. In the past two years, IDo self-media and get in touch with more people and things. There are not a few parents who have discovered this: they see the needs of the public in their own child-rearing pains, and find clever solutions in their long companionship. They not only solve the minor problems in their children\’s growth, but also create a new world for their own lives. There is a father whose daughter especially likes to listen to stories. No matter how tiring she is at work during the day, her daughter will pester her father and tell her 4-5 stories at night before she is willing to give up. So this father bit the bullet every day, looking for stories, thinking about voice-overs, and trying his best to tell each story as interesting as possible. Later, he turned one of his best stories into audio every day and shared it on Weibo. Unexpectedly, there were more and more listeners who liked his storytelling, and the stories spread further and further. Later, he simply created a self-media platform dedicated to telling stories to children. You can understand this dad as Wang Kai and his Uncle Kai telling stories. But he is not one of the many self-media colleagues around us who are sharing stories, reading, and parenting concepts. There was a mother who became a stay-at-home mother after her child was born. She especially likes to buy things for her children, including food, clothing, and supplies. She wants the best for her children. However, she is often anxious about the complicated shopping environment and limited funds. After all, she saw a lot and compared a lot, so she made an EXCEL table with relevant information about similar products. When her mother asked, she contributed the table to others. But mothers find it troublesome to read the form, so they might as well just buy it. Later, as more and more people bought it, she simply turned it into a shopping platform. You can understand this mother as Liu Nan and her Mi Ya, but she is not among us. There are countless e-commerce mothers who are doing shopping, group buying and purchasing on behalf of us while raising children. You don’t have to worry about who I’m advertising for. Because of stories like this, when I think about it, there are really too many more… But have you seen them? It turns out that God has already prepared the most precious gift for us, which is hidden in our intimate parenting time and time again. The most beautiful parenting in the world turns out to be not only: I hold your little hand and watch you grow up peacefully in the years; it can also be: we sincerely face every difficulty we encounter in our growth, so that we can change together. Become a better version of yourself. However, how many people are using their children as a burden, and how many people know how to protect their wealth? Some people always feel that their children have poor academic performance and slow response, so they blame others and break the rules; but some people are surprised to discover the obstacles that affect learning during the long companionship, and then cleverly help to dismantle them; some people always feel that Their own children are disobedient and always yelling at them; but some people see an even more arrogant version of themselves in the naughty child, so they take the lead in making changes and become gentle, firm and strong as they become increasingly cultivated. Some people always feel that their children are born weak, so they go to the hospital every three days, and lament that their lives are miserable when they see other people\’s children with skinny skin. However, some people learn Chinese medicine and massage on their own, and find that they have unique talents and hobbies in medicine. Some people always blame their children for causing trouble for them, saying that it must be \”debts owed in previous lives\”; while some people are flexible and accept all this with a smile, saying that this is \”a gift from God\”…or, it is exactly theseDifferent visual angles, ways of thinking, mentality and wisdom in dealing with problems have widened the gap between people, and also widened the growth distance between children. Instead of constantly complaining, instead of repeatedly chewing the bitterness, it is better to use your own actions to tell your children: Our experiences, ups and downs, and tribulations can all be turned into precious wealth that is unique to us.

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