Zha Gong suffers from morning sickness every day. What can he eat to relieve morning sickness?

Gorky once said: \”All the honor and pride in the world come from the great mother.\” After all, as the saying goes, \”A pregnancy in ten months is heavy, and the reward in three lives is light.\” Not to mention how much mothers have paid during the raising of children. The hard work and selfless love, just being cautious during pregnancy, and going through all kinds of torture already make mothers worthy of all praise! I was only 25 years old when I was pregnant with Dabao, which was when my health was at its best, so I didn’t experience severe morning sickness at all during the pregnancy. I even had less back pain. My friends even teased me that I was “having a false pregnancy.” Unexpectedly, at the age of 32, even though I was pregnant with my second child as planned, I didn’t expect that morning sickness alone would take up nearly one-third of my pregnancy. I had to brush my teeth almost 6 or 7 times a day. I couldn’t wait to have my second child. Just sit next to the toilet. My mother-in-law saw that not only did I not gain weight due to morning sickness, I also lost 4 or 5 pounds, and I had no appetite. So, I went back to my hometown to buy a lot of green, pollution-free white radishes and dried them into dried radishes. Not to mention, in the next month, dried radish stir-fried with fatty pork belly became an indispensable side dish for me. However, when I went for a pregnancy test at 5 months, I thought I no longer had severe morning sickness. I was able to eat till I was full almost every meal after eating the dried radish made by my mother-in-law. However, the doctor actually said that the baby was present in my belly. Malnutrition and slow growth. \”Doctor, my appetite is very good after my morning sickness subsided. How could this happen?\” My mother-in-law and I couldn\’t believe it. The doctor was also puzzled and asked about my daily diet, especially after hearing that I ate a lot of oily and salty dried radish at every meal. He quickly pointed out: \”Put a lot of salted dried radish in it, plus Stir-frying with so much oil produces a large amount of nitrite, not to mention the burden on your gastrointestinal tract, and also affects the baby\’s absorption of nutrients. How can the baby develop normally?\” I never expected that we have been so careful, but still Inadvertently eating the wrong thing. Fortunately, it was discovered in time now, otherwise it may have led to a big mistake. It seems that you cannot be so confident just because you have had a childbirth history. There are still many things that need to be learned and paid attention to! After surviving morning sickness, pregnant mothers should not indulge themselves in overeating. 1. Do not eat food that is too sour or salty. During morning sickness, eating or drinking something sour can relieve morning sickness. Most pregnant mothers must know this. little method. But what many pregnant mothers don’t know is that eating too many acidic foods may cause the pH value of their own blood to drop, which in turn affects the speed of fetal brain development. In addition, overly salty food will cause pregnant mothers to consume too much salt, which will greatly increase the sodium content in the body. This will further worsen the edema of the pregnant mother, increase the burden on the heart, and increase the blood pressure, which will naturally have an adverse effect on the fetus. Therefore, according to the \”Chinese Dietary Guidelines for Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers (2022)\”, it is best for pregnant mothers not to consume more than 3 grams of salt per day, and it is best to maintain a light diet. 2. Don’t touch undercooked food. Although some nutrition experts suggest that food should not be cooked until it is fully cooked to maintain higher nutritional value and taste better. However, pregnant mothers whose intestines and stomach are very fragile during pregnancy must not eat undercooked food. Not only will it be difficult to digest, but they will also be unable to excrete possible toxins.It can even cause serious consequences of diarrhea, hurting both the pregnant mother and the fetus. It is really not worth the gain. Therefore, pregnant mothers should not take risks because of taste or listening to some suggestions. It is advisable to eat fully cooked food as much as possible. 3. Try not to eat deep-sea fish. Deep-sea fish are less likely to be contaminated, are rich in protein, vitamins, etc., and the fat content is not high, so many pregnant mothers prefer to eat them. As everyone knows, relatively large deep-sea fish, such as tuna, swordfish, etc., actually contain relatively high levels of mercury. Eating these for a long time will not only affect the health of pregnant mothers, but even cause mercury poisoning. Moreover, consuming too much mercury will directly harm the brain development of the fetus. Pregnant mothers may wish to eat small deep-sea fish such as croaker and hairtail, or freshwater fish such as carp and crucian carp, which can also achieve the effect of supplementing protein and vitamins. It is not difficult to see from the above that some foods that seem to be beneficial to pregnant mothers or babies can often directly or indirectly harm pregnant mothers due to the amount of consumption or the substances they contain, and can also have a great impact on the normal development of the fetus. Negative impact. Therefore, after pregnant mothers enter a stable pregnancy, they may wish to eat more of these truly beneficial foods! These foods are good for the mother and the fetus 1. Nuts According to the dietary guidelines, nuts such as peanuts are extremely rich in iron that is easy for the body to absorb. Eating it by pregnant mothers can improve anemia. Pistachios, walnuts and other nuts containing more vegetable oils can help pregnant mothers excrete toxins and relieve constipation. For the fetus, nuts rich in protein and natural fat can promote the formation of his nerve fiber sheath and the development of brain cells. Moreover, nuts also contain relatively large amounts of linolenic acid and linoleic acid, which can synthesize arachidonic acid and docosahexaenoic acid that are beneficial to retinal function, and have many benefits. 2. Fish containing Omega-3 fatty acids Research from Harvard University shows that children born to pregnant mothers who eat fish containing Omega-3 fatty acids during the 4th to 6th month of pregnancy have improved attention, recognition and memory. will have better results. At the same time, it contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which also have a very good effect on promoting the neurological development of the fetus. For example, eating some sturgeon, salmon, sardines, etc. These fish with extremely low mercury content are more suitable for pregnant mothers. It is worth noting that pregnant mothers should try not to eat soft-shelled turtles, otherwise there is a risk of miscarriage. 3. Foods containing folic acid Pregnant mothers must know that folic acid is related to the brain development of the fetus and is also called the \”backbone\” of fetal brain development. Moreover, it can also effectively prevent the fetus from suffering from diseases such as cerebral neural tube defects and megaloblastic anemia. Therefore, doctors generally instruct pregnant mothers to properly supplement folic acid from the time of pregnancy preparation to the entire pregnancy. Zheng Yuqiao\’s Parenting Encyclopedia + Zheng Yuqiao\’s Parenting Manual pdf download [6 volumes in total] Many natural foods are also rich in folic acid, such as cabbage, bananas, citrus, etc., and animal livers also contain large amounts of folic acid. However, compared to the vegetables and fruits that can be eaten more, the amount of animal liver must be controlled. It is best not to eat more than 3 times a week. Well-known parenting expertDr. Cui Yutao has always advised pregnant mothers that for the health and safety of pregnancy and the normal development of the fetus, necessary taboos are inevitable. This is why mothers are widely praised! I hope that pregnant mothers can follow the dietary restrictions during pregnancy. When they get a healthy and smart baby, they will be grateful for their patience!

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