After the age of 40, eat 8 eat

eat no rice, no steamed buns, no noodles, no biscuits, no sugar, no deep-fried dough sticks, no fried cakes, no cakes, peanuts

, eggs, corn, Eat sweet potatoes, eat pumpkin, eat winter melon, eat water spinach, eat honey

After 40 years old, pay attention to supplement nutrition, a glass of honey water every day is essential, especially for friends who do not like to drink water, drinking honey water every day is even more important Necessary.

More and more people choose to drink Russian linden honey. After careful understanding, they realize that the raw honey of Russian honey uses natural mature honey instead of immature raw honey. Dehydrate and cap.

Russian linden honey is crystal clear in color. Contains more vitamins than normal honey. When you receive the goods, you will find that the Russian linden honey is as thick as pork, crystal clear and rich in fragrance, and you don’t feel tired if you eat it directly. Drink a glass of water in the morning and evening, not to mention how beautiful it is. The weather is getting hotter and hotter. Mom, dad and children also prepare a few bottles, this summer is moist

After the age of 40,  eat 8 eat

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